I was expecting a great job coming from a competition in creating our new logo. At the end of the contest, i clearly figured out the design already in my mind.. Many thanks to beachman and all guys for their jobs! thanks to designcontests for the help!

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Winning design #90 by sach, Logo Design for FOMART Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sach

Project description

We need a logo for a new business named FOMART. Fomart, will be a  shopping centre that will include a laundromat, a traditional laundry, a tailoring shop, a fabric and trims shop, a personalized gift shop , a snack bar and other services related to washing and sewing.

Update 09/17 : Guys... If useful for your creativity, you can insert this slogan : "il fai da te della casalinga". (It should be removible in same occasions...). A logo with an icon  (mascot, identity symbol...),  is very apprecited... also warm colour could be very nice...

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  • Do the letters in the last one in #90 are inclined? If so it seams nice... #90
  • ...also: do it start with F little and increase size? #90
  • Hi. Can you try to make it with the coulour of #56? Thanks #80
  • that's good. maybe the letter "O" is better little as previous... #81
  • I have made revision. What do you think ? #86
  • Hello CH, This one is the old design. Just wanted you to show how it looks in different colors. Hope you like it #82
  • Good Day CH, I already revised my design. I removed the spoon and fork and replace them with a needle (represents tailoring). Also, I change the color to red and made other color samples below... hope you like it :) #81
  • Hi. that's nice.. can you try to have it red and eliminate or change the fork and spoon... #70
    • @danielemarta.vb ... Maybe... also as my previous comment, with the slogan (il fai da te...) highlightered?

  • Did you men like this ? #75
    • @beachman . Thanks. The style could be like the # 59, the yarn like # 50.... Can you try another kind of red? thanks a lot!!

  • that's fine... I'm wodering how it could be withe washing machine more little and centered with the logo... thank you! #71
  • Good Day Sir! Thank you for inviting me... I would be happy to receive feedback from you... :) #70
  • Did you mean like this ? #62
  • #60: clean, simple, easy-going/hipster style identity. Thanks.
  • Hi this is good. Maybe the style of the logo #19 is better... can you try to make the brand more aggressive... #47
  • Hi. I like the composition... If possibile, can you try to make it using red with black or White to have the brand more visible? I think also you can try to make different the disign of the yarn as it think is too aggressive... thanks!! #23
  • Hi CH, I uploaded design #58.. please feedback. Thanks
  • Hello CH, thank you for inviting me. I am happy to enter your contest. Please review #40 & #41. I have kept it clean and simple. All services are present without making it cluttered. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks, EcoDesigns
    • @EcoDesigns .Thank you... very nice, i think something more aggressive could be appreciated.

    • @danielemarta.vb Thanks for the feedback. I have created another option #52 based on your feedback. Let me know your thoughts.

  • I wanted to include warm colors as requested. My design is simple yet clearly gets the meaning of your company across with the use of bubbles and button. This is a more vintage feel, yet welcoming and obvious. I look forward to any feedback you may have to offer regarding my design concept. Thank you! Dina..... #51
  • I am so sorry, I have just realised I spelt it wrong. Here is corrected version. Please do not hesitate to ask to try different colours, straplines etc. Kind regards, Liz #34
    • @lizonil :)) sometimes it happens :))

    • @lizonil problem... it's just a change... good job. just can you change the cup? because in the center the snack bar will just a plus... thanks

    • @danielemarta.vb yes of course, I will change that for you : )

  • Ciao. Potrebbe essere di Vostro gusto una versione vintage del logo? Grazie, a presto
    • @GP67 Ciao.. dipende... immagino qualcosa di ben visibile "dall'autostrada"... per intenderci...

    • @danielemarta.vb hehe vediamo... e .vb sta per verbania? ;)