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Winning design #124 by mkc23, Logo Design for Food and Beverage Sales & Marketing Company Needs Professional Business Logo Contest
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designed by mkc23

Project description

We need a logo that is professional, clean & classy. We would like to have the logo incorporate both "CMG" and the spelled out version of "Coastal Marketing Group, Inc." as well. We are based in Laguna Beach, California. We have been challenged with how to develop a logo that incorporates both food/beverage and a coastal image, without being too busy and too specific to any key food item.

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  • We would like to keep the color scheme open....but thinking maybe different shades of blue because of the name "Coastal". Color combos of blue and silver or blue and gold possibly? If you have a better color pattern for your design idea, we are open to it. Thank you!!!
  • Dear CMGINC, Thanks for the brief on your logo needs. Is there a specific or preferred color scheme you desire for the logo? Kind regards, alchemybee
  • What about incorporating a wave into the letter C or overall logo somehow? The logos submitted so far don't really depict a coastal image and general food industry tie in. Also, we love wine and martinis...but aren't in the liquor business, so wine bottles and alcoholic glasses don't adequately describe our business model. Also, while fish may seem coastal- we are not in the seafood business. Perhaps a utensil such as a fork? Don't necessarily have to have both fork and wave, but would love to see some example of both coastal and general food industry, without identifying a specific food type/category.
  • Looks like we are lost at sea....
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • no backgrounds unless requested by the contest holder
  • Hi CH, I revised my submissions per your request (#82-83) and also submitted a new version (#84) of the initials CMG with a wave! Thanks so much. mkc23
  • #76 I think is better result with colour - looks more maritime!
  • #49 I'll try, but affraid to disturb all concept. Maybe not C, but O...
  • I really like your design...just wish we could add a coastal element. Can you make the "C" on "Coastal" a blue & gold wave that wraps under full name?
  • Dear CMG, Entry #71 with lower case option, might look better with full name in blue? kind regards, Alchemyb
  • Can you move icon to left of CMG vs. above?
  • Can you make the fork and knife a bit smaller and work on the wave to make it look more like a "C", as well as have the wave continue the entire length under the logo?
  • Dear CMG, I've uploaded a revision to entry #63 with the blue and gold as you requested. I also have the same revision with "Coastal Marketing Group, INC." in blue rather than gold. Kind regards, Alchemyb
  • Can you send me lower case option on name also?
  • Can you use color scheme closer to #19...I like the depth of those colors better. Also, can you please use the wave as the "C", possibly thinning out the bottom blue portion to make it look more like a "C"?
  • Can you flip flop blue and gold...put blue to left?
  • like blue & gold better
  • Can you send another version without COASTAL being bolded in Gold and have the company name all on one line below.
  • Dear CMG, Thank you for your feedback to entry #9. I have made all the changes and uploaded 3 files, #64 #65 #66 that have different color combinations. Kind regards - Alchemyb