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I enjoyed working with the various designers and seeing the creativity that came forth in the contest process. We will definitely consider using in the future. Great concept!

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Winning design #64 by vfdez, Logo Design for Vacuum Sealer Bags & Rolls Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vfdez

Project description

We need a new logo for our e-commerce business that sells vacuum sealer machines and replacement bags. Our bags fit all models of vacuum sealer machines, including Foodsaver brand. Our products are primarily used to keep food fresh, but also help with preparing, freezing and cooking food, which saves food, money, time and clean-up. Our customers are moms, dads, people interested in saving money on groceries and saving time in the kitchen. Here are some of the benefits of using these vacuum systems and bags: - Saves time - Saves money - Preserves food 6x longer than traditional methods. - Simplifies portion control - Protects flavor & vitamins - Makes cooking and clean-up easier The current logo is one-color and very basic. We need a 4-color logo that helps create a strong brand for our company as we grow and introduce other products and expand our website, etc. is a small company and we like to have fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously, so the logos can be playful and make people smile.

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  • Hello! I have submitted Entries #1 and #2, and would love to hear your thought/changes you might suggest. Thanks!
    • Hello. We like your initial design. We like the green image with the leaves. I don't think the clock image works, so please remove that. Instead you might try adding interior circles inside the image to give it the illusion of a roll (of bags). Also try bringing a line out to the right of the image and wrapping around the type as if it were wrapping it in a bag. One more thing, make the green a darker shade--still a light green but with less yellow. I hope this helps! Cecile

    • We are open to other ideas and think this is a good start. Thanks!

    • Great! #4, #5, #6, and #7 are different takes on what I think you were looking for. How close do these look? I'm happy to make any changes you might suggest, and will keep fiddling around with the design to see if anything else occurs to me!

    • Nice. I like these. I like #7 best because the bag coming out of the image wraps all the way around the URL ( without cutting it up. I'm going to get my colleague's input and respond in a minute.

    • One more thing. I would like to see the image above the URL but at the far left with the bag unrolling and going underneath it. Can you try that and see how that looks? THanks.

    • We like the smaller roll with the light green inside of it. The larger one with white inside has a "hypnotic" feel to it or reminds us of a lollypop. The smaller one has a better feel. Also, we would like to see what the leaves look like a bit off center. thanks.

    • Perfect. #8 and #9 have these changes - #8 has the roll above and with the leaves off center to the right. #9 has the roll even with the URL but still going beneath it and the leaves to the left, as I thought you might like to see how that looked. Is this along the lines of what you are looking for?

  • We like the rolling out of the bag much better on this one. But honestly, our favorite now is #12 because of the compact design, treatment of the type. Our feedback to that designer was to move the "d" from the word Food to the left so it doesn't disappear behind the leaf and to add a few concentric circles to the fruit image. I don't know if I am out of line to give you this feedback or not.
    • No worries - in a non-blind contest everyone can see all the feedback, and so other designers have been using the feedback you've given me as well. #17 is much more compact, but still has the rolling out of the bag. How does this look?

    • I like it. Can you reduce the number of circles to maybe three or four. Then we are still looking for a really natural green. try green with more brown in it. That would soften the color.

    • Absolutely. #18 has one shade of green and four circles, and #19 has a different shade and three circles.

    • Nice. Please add the detail to the leaf that you had earlier in this process. Also, what would it look like if you wrapped the text left against the apple/roll of bags? I would like to see that. I will be leaving the office soon.

    • Okay, hopefully this is in time before you leave. #21 and #22 have these changes made, with the text on either side and leaf detail. Thanks!

  • Reduce the number of circles to maybe three or four within the fruit/object. Then we are still looking for a really natural green. try green with more brown in it. That would soften the color. Here are some suggestions: Try Pantone 576 EC and Pantone 7490 EC. Also HTML #3C8009 and #75BF2E.
    • Just saw this after I posted my most recent versions. Two seconds and I'll use these colors.

    • #20 has the Pantone 7490 EC and then a lighter shade for the circles. How does this look?

  • We liked this but not sure that the clock arms worked. Image seemed disconnected with the company name, and perhaps too symmetrical. I hope this helps.
  • Better. I like this. I'll see how my co-worker likes it. The color is still somewhat neon-y with all the yellow in it.
    • Great! #14 and #15 are even less yellow-et shades of green, is this more what you are looking for? Any other changes you might like to see?

    • Still feeling like the colors is too neon. We want a green that is more natural looking instead of the trendy neons that are very popular right now. Plus, we want the bag to pull from the fruit/roll of bags from the bottom left side instead of the right.

    • See #13 on how the bag unrolls from the roll from the left.

    • Of course. #16 has these changes and a different green. I like how this one looks, what are your thoughts?

  • One more thing: please put concentric circles in the fruit/object to give it the feel of a roll of bags. (See #13)
  • We really like this logo. Nice and compact. Would like to see more detail in the leaf: pointy leaves, color gradation. Also, pull the "d" away from the object so you can see more of the stem of the "d". And outline the object in the darker shade of green in order to tone down the brightness.
  • Not sure what the difference between #10 and #11 are except the middle of the fruit/roll is darker in #10.
    • #10 is a flat, 2-color design. #11 used gradients to add shading in the leaves and the body of the roll.

    • Ok. I see. thanks.

  • This is nice. But change the tagline to say Vacuum Sealers, Bags & Rolls
  • Try a little darker shade of green. See the lighter shade of green on this FoodSaver logo.
    • How do #10 and #11 look? Both have darker shades of green, and on #11 I added some shading effects as well.

  • Graphic element too large here and cuts through the URL. Don't like that.
  • We liked this one but the bag looked awkward and reminded us more of a Ziploc bag rather than the bags we sell.
  • I like this one the best so far.
  • In proposal #30 I repeat the pear theme since it's a non-cliché and more distinguishable item to symbolize fresh foods.
  • Hi cecile1, my new proposal #29 has a different concept, where the bag roll is incorporated into a cornucopia, as a symbol of bounty and capacity, bearing a piece of fruit as a symbol of preserved freshness, although it could be a more obvious apple or orange. Let me know if you're interested in variations of this design.
  • I really like this one. I wonder what a spiral design in the roll would look like instead of the more "bullseye" look.
    • Good. I'm glad it is headed in the right direction. #28 has a spiral so you can compare the two side by side.

  • I like this. And yes, it looks less like a bull's eye and more like something unrolling. I also like the leaves pointing inward toward the type.
    • What would this look like in a 1-color format? We will need something that works in black and white.

    • I'm glad it's looking good! #43 has it in two different black and white versions, I think it works great in one color.

    • Good. I need to show my colleague who is out of the office right now. Not sure when he will see this. Thanks.

    • Of course. I will probably be away for the rest of the evening, but can make any necessary changes tomorrow before the contest closes. Thanks!

    • Can you provide feedback or rate other submittals also? Thanks.

  • Hello CH, I've uploaded entries #36 and #38 for your consideration. For the first, I thought of wrapping the brand text in a vacuum bag, to bring out that particular look of plastic folding on itself, unique to this type of product. For the second I've used the V in Vac to represent the lip of a vacuum sealer and added an element on top, representing the edge of a bag, going through the V and becoming sealed. I hope you like these ideas. Let me know what you think and whether you'd like any changes. Thank you, Victor Fdez
  • I just submitted Entry #62. If there's something further you'd like done to #43 I'm happy to try any changes.
    • Unfortunately we have decided to go in another direction...with #60. THanks for your time.

  • We want to see a one-color version also.