Foothill Dental Care

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Winning design #77 by ursachio, Logo Design for Foothill Dental Care Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ursachio

Project description

contemporary logo for dental office

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  • You can ask me any change. I increased the word "Dental Care". Thank you! #77
  • In general, I work at any time, except to sleep. Maybe when I sleep I' am dreaming design. I work pretty quickly, and I try to keep in deadline. For business cards I believe that it is enough 3-4 days. Best Regards!
  • Hello jeanyoung
    Thank you for feedback. I did the revision for #63. For Serif Font used I reduced spaces between the letters also,as you recommended.
    Of course I can give email address. But I don't know how it's regulation on this professional site.
    Far as I know it's not a regulation to give my email address as long as competition is in progress.
    I am specialized also on businesscards. If you want One-on-one option it is possible. And I think the fee of site is not at all big. It is possible to negotiate. I do not think is the case.
    It seems pretty fair play in this system. The customer realizes the designer's velleities, then he may order another work.
    And I think that we have common affinities regarding the aesthetics and good taste.
    Very Best Regards! #73
  • Hello jeanyoung
    I wanted to accomplish several variants with slightly different shade. Any feedback is welcome. Regards! #70 #71
    • @ursachio Hi, could you please let me know your email address for contacting for future reference? Also, what is your hourly charge? How much would it be to design a business card as well? Thanks! Jean

  • Hi, sorry could you please change back to original font but keep this blue color? #63
  • Hi, sorry could you please change back to original font but keep this blue color? #63
  • Hello jean young,
    I made a new version, with more abruptly hill on the right, like a tooth. I used shades of blue versions also.
    Any recommendation is welcome. Best Regards! #65
  • Hello
    Thank you for feedback. I make changes as you required. For all colors I kept the same as in the first design.
    Any recommendation is welcome. Best Regards! #63
  • Foothill doesn't need to be so big. Maybe use the font combination from your other entries and space the letters a little bit closer together. Thank you! #10
  • Curved a little higher for both hills just to make it look like a tooth. But please keep everything else the same. #10
  • Hello jeanyoung,
    I wanted to refinish the previous versions. From the the first version (from where I started my concept) and the last I made some design variations for comparison, and to be sure of optimum solution, if I may say so. Any recommendations for improvement are welcome . Best Regards! #51
  • Hello jeanyoung
    I made a new version for you. The sun has a pink color, a color of gingiva healthy.
    I accentuated a little symbol to distinguish it from a distance. And I used a sans serif font.
    Green Hill from symbol design can be considered also a toothpaste in three colors.
    Very Best Regards! #42
  • please check this one sir:)
    thank you #32
  • kindly check my new entry i hope you like it
    thank you:) #31
  • I did a version with shades of blue. The sun has many rays. Best Regards! #23
  • please check this one:)
    thank you:) #21
  • hello CH kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hoe you like it
    thank you:) #20
  • Hello jeanyoung,

    I thank you for your patience. I hope I succeeded to get up to your expectations.
    I made a new concept for you, similar to the previous one, but easily recognizable.
    If you have recommendations, please do not hesitate to tell me. #18 and #19 (a version more colorful)
  • The same design as the last one, but now with name in dark blue. #17
  • I hope this design suits You better. Thanxs for the rating. Color can always be changed. #16