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Customer service was fantastic. If you're a first timer, I wouldn't start until you have a conversation with them - you can do it via live chat. They walked me through the whole process, giving me advice about pricing, feedback, etc. I think the most important thing to achieving a quality design is to write a clear "brief" about what you want, update it as you experience the first few designs, and give detailed feedback on those designs you think you like.

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Force Ten is a marketing consulting company. We are looking for a logo to be used on business cards, stationary, and on-line. This is a cool name, but it has to be handled a bit carefully... it can't be too cool! For your information, Force Ten is a gale force wind, just short of a hurricane. It also reflects the idea that marketing results should yield a factor of 10 times the amount invested. Read on and thanks for your interest!!!! Important Note: It's Force Ten, not Force 10. My idea is a font-only logo that is stylized to reflect the proposition we deliver (see below). Font can be upper case, lower case, or combination. If there is something symbolic you can think of, I'd be open to a symbol with the font, but might be best if the symbol is incorporated into the font if you want to go in that direction (although feel free to surprise me). I prefer "suggestive" and "understatement" over "in your face" design. I also like design that is well thought through and perhaps has more than one level of meaning. I want to emphasize "Force Ten" over "Marketing". The word "marketing" is there to tell them what we do, but the important branding is Force Ten. This logo has to reflect trust, experience, and of course, action. Action meaning that we deliver what we say we will, or more often, we exceed that. Perhaps because Force Ten is both about a gale wind and return on investment, that the best colors might be blue (water, wind) and/or green (money, ocean foam). These are also colors that say trust, experience, etc. I am open to one or both colors. Feel free to incorporate another color that is meaningful to you if so desired. Here is some marketing copy for what we deliver as a company and how it relates to the concept of Force Ten: A strong gale doesn't just happen – the right elements have to align for a Force 10 wind to develop. Strong marketing doesn't just happen either – it requires well planned elements working together. The reality is that most companies like yours never reach their full potential. Force Ten is the tool you will use to ensure you reach yours. Harness the power of Force Ten Marketing. Thanks for your help in creating a great design!

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  • Nice. Can you reverse colors? Just show me "ten" in black with force in both blue and red. Thanks so much!
    • Hi! I submitted entries #89 and #90 with reversed colors and also tried another kind of font to give a bit more stronger look. You also asked about changing the stylised e to word force but it doesn't really work. Maybe because of the letters c and e with the same kind of shape and so making it harder to read. I will submit this logo as well if you want to see, but if you're not feeling strongly about it, I didn't want to waste one submission on it. :) Best regards, Lstyrman

  • I like this one. Can you give me some color options? Thanks and nice job!
    • Hi CH, I've uploaded #84 and #85 with color options and a bit changes. Hope there's feedback for improvement. Thank you:)

  • Feedback on this one is best (so far). One comment that was interesting... can you make the horizontal line in the "e" match the top of he "F" and the "T" with the left edge rounded off. Thanks!
  • What is difference between 45 and #24
  • Really good too. I'm going to put all of yours together on one sheet and see which one people like the most. Thanks!
    • That's pretty good. If you have any suggestions and changes in mind just just inform me...thank you........

    • |--|

      relz2011 {*wrote*}:
      That's pretty good. If you have any suggestions and changes in mind just just inform me...thank you........
      |--| You're doing a great job and are very responsive. Thank you.

  • You are mirroring design elements from Relz2011. Not fair for me to consider this one. Sorry.
  • Too modern.
  • Too modern... sorry.
  • Wow... like this one too. Can you do this one with the "e" style from #74? Thanks so much!
  • Wow... not sure which one I like better? Which one do you like best? Tell me what you think if you don't mind. Thanks!
  • Another thought for you. What if the stylized "e' was the "e" in force? Wonder if centering it like that would be interesting as well. Just a thought, not a strong desire.. but would also be interesting to see. Thanks.
  • Don't really like it.. but wouldn't it be interesting if there was a reason you can't see the whole word?
  • I get what you're trying to do, but the stylized font is really hard to see and I believe won't translate.
  • Too modern
  • I think you're first one was better.
  • much too modern looking
  • A bit better. I don't like the stylized "o", but like the idea. it's probably what you have to fix in order to get this design to work.
  • Guess it doesn't work, sorry for suggesting. Also, "marketing" is going to be very hard to read. Lastly, is it reading Force Ten or Forceten? Might look like one word.
  • Really good idea. It feels a bit feminine to me.. any ideas on how to make it a bit more neutral? Can you try some color ideas too? Red with blue or black.
    • Hello, I'm glad you like it! I tried some more colors in #64 and #63. Best regards, Lstyrman

  • The sylized "o" in the word "Force", as I requested, doesn't really fit for me with the font. The "N" in Ten doesn't seem to fit for me either. you've got a good concept, but somehow you have to make it work together. You might want to try simpler font.
    • Hello CH, I went back and believe I have chosen a simpler font so the "N" doesn't look weird. Let me know what you think. Entry #48, Thanks!

    • Not to be rude, but I did the change you want and you still eliminate this entry without any explanation of why!

    • I understand and apologize. You did everything I requested. We eliminated it because too many other designs are preferred over yours by me and my staff. We don't have feedback ideas to make it better.