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Winning design #363 by eshtiyak, Logo Design for forever dreaming farm and santcuary  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by eshtiyak

Project description

Looking for a logo for my nonprofit animal rescue farm. The name is "Forever Dreaming Farm and Sanctuary". My first idea is of a dandelion that is being blown but the petals are made of dog paws.  This is a rescue farm for dogs but also other farm animals so I'm open to other logo ideas. I just really like the idea of dandelions because they can be seen as weed by some, but wishes by others. This new farm and the work of saving animals is very close to my heart so the logo should show some sentimental value not just generic. We have a big red barn on the farm so that could be incorporated too if it fits? I want something fun and whimsical that will appeal to animal lovers, without being too campy, but also not too serious. Along with being used as advertisement, websites etc, I also hope to post this logo at entrance of farm. I imagine it as being a circular logo, but you are the professionals.  I attached some pictures of dandelions blowing that have other images in them, these are for inspiration, but again does not have to be exactly this.  You can see the farm's FB page at

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  • if i choose you as the winner are you willing to make some needed specific changes to this design? #363
  • About #363, @eshtiyak I LOVE this! Can you please make the bottom font he same as the top and in black also. Can you please add a a red paw print on each side of the circle and see if you can make the barn a little more cartoonish/whimsical like 319. And maybe make some of the dandelion pedals black paw prints
    • @foreverdreamingfarm if I choose you to be the winner, will you be willing to make a few adjustments after the contest to get the logo perfect? And would you be willing to provide the the same design but in multiple ways for different color variations?

    • @foreverdreamingfarm I just checked your comments and unfortunately the contest is over. Yes! Sure I'll do all necessary changes in the design to perfect it if awarded a winner.

  • please comment on my design or give feedback #371
    • @Atexasraf this one is good too. Looking for a more whimsical barn like #333 and maybe a little more detail in the landscape like #363

  • dog care logo #369
  • please check the design it's should be carry on dog care #368
  • Tweaked version. #366
  • Composed entry #364 on you facebook page. #365
  • Separated text from the composition...may be you like it. #364
  • Is that interesting? #363
  • i hope you like the design #358
  • I hope you will like it
  • I hope you will like it
  • I hope you will like it
    i can change tell me #355
  • simple and elegant #354
  • simple and elegant #353
  • please feedback me with comments #352
  • please check the design #352
  • And I like the grass from your #333 best #340
  • This looks good. Can you change the font to black and more similar to #330 with 1 red paw on each side like 330 . And With Dandelion pedals blowing a little more to the right without as many in the middle of picture. And remove the mountain in the back maybe replace with rolling hill instead please #340
  • Everyone’s logos are so great and so close. I appreciate everyone’s work and creativity. It’s making it very hard to decide on one. So I’ve picked out my favorite details of different designs so that maybe someone can combine them all in to one. My favorite Barn is from #319 but placed on the left side of logo. My Favorite Font is from #314. I like the circle around the logo from #314 The paws in between the words of #314. I prefer the way the hills are shaped and one is shaded by the barn of #310. I also prefer the way the grass is thinner at the bottom and with taller blades of grass of #310 so it is really clear that it is grass and does not take up a big area of the logo with black. My favorite dog is from #315 but needs more detail so that from far a way it is recognizeable as a dog, I’m afraid as is would look just like a black shape unless up close.
    My favorite dandelion and pedals blowing is from #314. I hope someone can combine all of these details and make the perfect logo. Also I’m hoping whoever is chosen I hope would be willing to give me two different variations one as is and one without the words “& Sanctuary”. Again everyone’s designs are so amazing, Thankyou for everyone’s talents, hard work and creativity!