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Winning design #537 by iftekhar, Logo Design for forge nano Contest
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designed by iftekhar

Project description

Forge Nano is a startup that uses nano-engineering to develop new products. We use chemical processes to deposit coatings. We work with chemicals and powders. We are looking for an iconic logo. We want a stand alone logo that can identify the company on its own, without the name, but also a logo that is minimal enough to put on a shirt. We like blue as a color.

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  • Great! Can you intertwine the 'N' into the 'F'? #251
    • @bflecky Hello dear Contest Holder, If you want to make any changes to a design, you have to prolong the contest with a period of time, delimited by you. Kind Regards!

    • @bflecky Dear Sir, I will revise as desired CH, after you select the winners of its future, since this contest is over time ... thank you my greetings ...

  • Can you incorporate an 'N' in the 'F'? Inter weave it into the 'F' in the same style? #735
  • i hope u like my design :) #752
  • Hi.
    Check out this. Let me know your comments.
    Thank you. #750
  • chemical liquid and powder of seed and symbol #742
  • chemical liquid and symbol #741
  • F symbol and simple #737
  • Forge means strong bonding and nano means small particles. which i represent in my logo #713
  • my latest idea #712
  • new idea 2 #711
  • new idea #710
  • another logo idea #709
  • my second idea #708
  • my first idea #707
  • Hi there. Let me know your comments about this. Thanks. #706
  • Hi! This is a new concept for your logo, a bit different than the others logos posted.
    I hope you like it. Let me hear your comments. Thanks. #705
  • rate my design , thanks !! #699
  • Please check and comment @bflecky #690
  • Check out this. Looking forward to your reply @bflecky #630
  • Check out this. Looking forward to your reply @bflecky #623