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Winning design #79 by friendnand, Logo Design for Forged Theory Contest
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designed by friendnand

Project description

Forged Theory is a clothing company from the Pacific Northwest.    Founded in 2015, we pride ourselves on being unique, trendy, and positive.    We want our logo to portray a look and feel that is edgy, masculine, and sporty.

Who our clients are:

15-40 years old, primarily males but sometimes females.   Automotive enthusiasts who love spending their time modifying and socializing with others who are into the culture of building and modifying cars.   These individuals would be drawn to things that are creative, artsy, unconventional, innovative, hipster, edgy, bold, dramatic, edgy, masculine, sporty, and show stopping.      Our clients  would likely have an affinity for collecting sneakers and value portraying a specific image of themselves (see lifestyle photos below).

Our problem:

We need a logo that will demonstrate what our brand is, appeal to our potential customers,  and be legible across different mediums such as:

  • Screen Printed on a t shirt

  • Stitched/Embroidered on a hat

  • Printed on paper

  • Translate to digital marketing assets (Web, Banners)

  • Plotted Vinyl (for window stickers)

  • And more...

It needs to work as a logo printed in multiple colors and as a single color.     The logo also needs to look proper when printed on a dark background or light background.

We need various formats (AI, Photoshop, PNG)

Competitor Brands for reference:

Supporting videos that portray a car culture lifestyle.   Please note the PEOPLE in these videos would be our target client (described above):

Supporting Images that portray a car culture lifestyle (attached below):





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  • Dear Sir
    logo attached
    plz feedback
    Ketki #130
  • hope you like it #120
  • Used a car steering wheel as an inspiration. Might be interesting. #91
  • iS A DIRECT LOGO #88
  • Wheels like the eye #81
  • Are you able to spread the "theory" letters apart. #66
    • @ForgedTheory hi, i just submitted the revisions, #78, #79, please check. thank you

  • Few more font options please. Can you also think of something car related to replace the star? #56
    • About #56, @ForgedTheory ok, i'll do that. & i'll try to think about that car thing. thank you

    • @ForgedTheory hi, i just submitted an option, #65. please check. thank you

    • @ForgedTheory another revision, #66, please check. thank you

    • @friendnand can you spread theory out So it's even with forged And also one file with icon on left and forged theory on right

  • Any better fonts for the name of the company? #49
    • About #49, @ForgedTheory hi, let's figure it out. let's try some variety 'til we get what's good for you. do you have any choices yourself, so we can try it? thank you

    • @ForgedTheory please check this, #56, & tell me, what you think about it. thank you

    • @ForgedTheory here's #57, same font as #56, but not too pointy, but still looks masculine. please check, if you like it. thank you

    • @ForgedTheory hi, i just submitted an option, #65. please check. thank you

  • hello @ForgedTheory ,
    please check this.
    feel free to let me know if you need any changes. #51
  • Enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated! #11
  • please check,thanks. #8