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Winning design #71 by RarefiedAlien, Logo Design for FosBaby - Baby Monitor Brand Logo Design Contest
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designed by RarefiedAlien

Project description

Hello, We are launching a new product within the next few months and are at the stage where our website is being designed. The product is essentially a baby monitor that can be accessed remotely via your smartphone etc, and as such we need a logo designed for our website. I have attached a picture of the website in development as that's the sort of colour scheme we wish to go with. I have included a quick mock up of the logo but am really unsure of the direction to take it. FosBaby is the name of the product, with Foscam being the manufacturer - whether to put this on the logo is still being decided. We are ideally looking for something modern and quite simple, yet effective for marketing purposes. Especially for the baby/child market.

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  • Baby doesn't quite look right, however the logo is more towards what we're looking for
    • Hey, thanks for the reply. I'm inclined to agree that the baby does look a little off. Would you like me to try and develop the baby concept further, or to go with more of a text based logo? Many Thanks, Elliot

    • Hello Elliot, We do really like the font and the use of the WiFi around the b. You could possibly develop the baby further but I think it would have to be sitting upright if you did. However yes if you could also do more of a text based logo I'm sure it would be in our considerations at the close of the contest. Many Thanks

  • Too much going on, however a nice idea
    • Hi CH, thank you for your feedback, kindly check my new entry #17. Hope you like it. Thank you :)

  • Like the use of dots on Baby, don't particularly like the use of the O on Fos
    • Hi CH thanks for the ratings, i'll be uploading revise design later

    • hi CH..please see design #9 & #10 for your feedback, I use egg shape that symbolized baby, hope you like my design

  • Like the use of dots on Baby, don't particularly like the use of the O on Fos
  • Right colour scheme, a bit too busy and doesn't stand out
  • A bit too simple
  • Doesn't quite have the look required for a baby product
  • Colour scheme isn't quite correct and not really what we're looking for.
  • Hello sales3, I uploaded new design #2. What do you think of idea. Hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you. Best regards.
  • Very much like this one, however the baby doesn't quite stand out enough and possibly a different font would make it near perfect
    • hi CH, thanks for your feedback, kindly check my new entry #31. :)

  • Really liking this design, one of the best ones so far
    • thanks for appreciating my work. If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Again we don't want to make it too busy.
  • Nice use of the dots on 'Baby' however the camera lens with the dummy looks a bit odd - nice idea though!
  • Child in the baby looks almost scary, sorry
  • Not sure on the use of the grey font
  • Not really what we are looking for, font would look out of place
  • I like the idea, but again the font is too 'edgy' and sharp in our opinion for a baby product.
  • Not a bad design, but looks to edgy in terms of font and not very baby or parent friendly
  • One of the better designs, however needs to be a tad clearer (in terms of the font). But on the right lines
  • I quite like it, however it does not stand out as much as we would like. This will be used at trade shows and other events