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Winning design #289 by GAKA, Logo Design for Fountain Gates Contest
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designed by GAKA

Project description

Fountain Gates is a company that provides operations for an assisted living residence. We provide the housing, 24 hr. on-site monitoring, personal care services and home care services in a luxury home-like setting for senior citizens. 

The philosophy of assisted living emphasizes personal dignity, autonomy, independence, privacy, and freedom of choice. Assisted living residences should facilitate independence and helps individuals to live as independently as possible and make decisions about how they want to live.  

We are looking for a logo that takes into consideration the following: 

  • Luxury residences
  • Demographics are above 60 yrs and older
  • Minimalist approach in terms of logo 
  • Open to different types of logos (bookmark, emblem, pictoral mark, etc.)
  • Colors should reflect the senior demographics


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  • Provide different font options #284
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    • @GAKA congratulations! we will be assigning you the winning design. There are some changes we would like though.

    • @info57 yes sir I will do .. thanks ..

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  • Second idea.
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  • First rough idea.
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  • Make the wording in a solid grey. #284
  • Can you make this a solid blue. You can use the same blue as the "Design Contest" logo. #284
  • I wanted to create something fun, a fountain, but also a person. #714
  • Please feedback to my design. thanks #679
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  • Hi, Please check this logo. If you need any changes, please your valuable feedback. Thanks. #665
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