Fountain Hill Wealth Management, LLC design good but not a lot of originality during the overall process

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I am looking to either tweak / revise an existing identity or to create a new look for a subsidiary wealth management firm that handles insurance, investments, retirement planning, tax and estate planning. The existing logo is at - I do like the colors there on that site and attached logo as well as the font type / color of the words Fountain Hill Investments, LLC. But I am open to new ideas, especially for the graphic element, if they are professional and befitting a serious financial company. The graphic design should be simple, elegant, professional, not too busy, bold, clean, not terribly artsy and in line with other serious financial / investment management brands. See the logos for examples. Prudential, Merrill Lynch, Chase etc. Last time I tired this it was an exercise in group think and all the designs ended up looking similar. The logo should say Fountain Hill Wealth Management, LLC with the tag line "Comprehensive Financial Stewardship"

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  • I like the graphic element of this. Can you try a different color scheme with blue and gray and white? And a more professional, muted elegant, font type. It's a bit too artistic for the feel I think it needs. Very good though.
  • I like this look. It is professional, elegant, bold, but simple. I'm not sure how the tree fits the name per se but I like your design. I would love to see some additional concepts given your clear talent.
  • Hi CH. Thank you for the rating.. feel free to comment and suggestion.
  • i see the concept, can you try some additional graphic designs removing the box, accentuating the hills etc?
    • Hi gregecollins. Of course I'll try. Do you like the fontface or do you prefer sans serif, maybe? Regards and thanks for appreciation :)

    • I'm not sure what you are asking. sorry i like the font type and the color scheme.

  • Too basic graphically
  • I like where your designs are going. Professional, clean, bold, powerful, classic. I like the font style in the first two. Not 100% sold on black but its growing on me. Can you try some additional graphics using some of the soft blue type from your first design and some soft to medium grays?
  • I like this design but I am wondering if the graphics will translate in print and other mediums. There is a lot going on. Is it possible to see a simpler, less busy graphic element?
  • graphic element too generic
  • Hello, CH! Just submitted #9 and #11. Kindly review it and tell me if ever you want me try anything else for you. Any feedback is deeply appreciated. Thank you, GOD Bless! :)
  • can I see this with a square / rectangular graphic element and different font color on the wording?
  • can you make the graphic element bigger on this? and look at some different font colors / type on the wording?
  • Can you post the current logo that you want tweaked as well?
    • I'm thinking a new identity may be better

  • I like this design but I feel that it might be a bit too gray and dark. Can you try it with a more muted gray or a different color scheme?
    • Hi, Thanks for the feedback, Please check #108 and #109 with different grays and color scheme. I'll be happy to make more drafts for you. Good luck.

    • Can you please take a shot at revising the existing FH Logo that is attached to the brief above. What I mean is keeping consistent the font size, font colors, and font types for the words "Fountain Hill" and substituting the words "Investments, LLC" with "Wealth Management, LLC"? Also try an updated version of the existing graphic element? I have used this design for a while so I at least want to get one look at keeping it similarly branded. Thanks very much.

  • Hi CH, I have improved the work #133, have reduced fields of a background and have a little increased a company name. Thanks!
  • hi thank you for giving me such a nice points feel free to comment and suggestion. Do you need any changes
  • Like this a lot. Can I see it with a little lighter shade of gray in the graphic?
  • Hi CH, New version #123, I have given to work more воздуза to show greatness and beauty from which the head is turned. I think that at me it has turned out, but to judge certainly to you. Thanks!
  • Like this design a lot. Can you also try it with a light blue font for the words Fountain Hill and a bit bigger graphic element?
    • Hi CH, thank you for your feedback. Kindly see design #107 with different font color and I have made the graphic element bigger than the previous design. Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Can I see this with a different font type?
  • Can I see this design in some lighter blue color(s)?