Fox Attack - Youth Service

Many excellent designs and very impressed with the quality of work. Was a very difficult decision to finally make a decision. Thanks to all the designers!

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Winning design #94 by antoneofull, Logo Design for Fox Attack - Youth Service Contest
Gold Medal

designed by antoneofull

Project description

This will be for a youth service group who will secretly do nice things for other kids who are struggling. Would like the logo to be a group of foxes (3-5). Design needs to be friendly and cartoon style. Logo with name "Fox Attack" underneath. Will create stickers and flyers with logo design. This is privately funded and not for profit.

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  • Because this is for a service group and from the heart. Many of your designs and the fox head/group could be emphasized as a HEART shape. Thank you all for your designs and work!
  • Hi CH, Any Feedbacks about my entry #11? Thanks in advance.
    • I know what you're trying to do but may be confusing to others at first glance. Like the creativity though.

  • This is for kids..... Need happy and cartoon.... Thanks for everyone's work!
  • #4 is getting closer. Can we add some tails and smiles?
  • You can not use existing logos.Source: _
  • afivos #52, Can you also post with a white background?
    • Done. Please look at #59. Is there anything else you would like to see changed? EDIT: I also submitted #60, #61 and #62. Please let me know what you think.

  • Clipart is forbidden in logo contests.
  • You are not allowed to use clip art/third party images in logo contests. The art you used is found here: _
  • You are not allowed to use clip art/third party images in logo contest. The art you used is found here: _
  • Hello!!! thank you for looking at my design #40 ,do you have any feedback as to how i can make this logo better for your needs? thank you
  • Hello CH, #53 is my new idea to this contest. Hope you like it. Thanks
  • Can you change "Youth Service" to "Fox Hollow Ward" Smaller font is okay.
  • Hi CH. Please let me know what you think about #52. Thanks
  • I like the personality in the faces of the foxes in (12, 22, 38).
  • Can you pyramid the three into a heart shape?
    • Dear CH, As your requested, I have uploaded new version of #23 & #24. Feel free to comment and make further changes Thanks & Cheers

    • Thank you for trying with the hearts.... Deciding that the hearts are a little too feminine. This will be for guys and gals so need to keep that balance of cool for the guys too.

  • Hi CH, about #7 ( and others ) how can i improve my work to the best as you want ? Best regards
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #33 for your review...thank you. DM
  • Hi there cweston, here is my first entry #30. Trying to go for something 'cool' that would appeal to your age group, something they wouldn't be embarrassed to wear on a Tee or a badge/pin. Kind regards, Liz
  • About #29 What do you you thinking about my work ?
  • Hello.... thank you all for your work. This is going to be a difficult decision. I'm considering those that are ranked >90%. Thanks again.... great work from all of you!