Fox Valley Apartments

Every designer worked very hard on their designs. I am very pleased with the work thy have all done. I did not receive one bad design out of the one hundred-something designs we received.

$275 paid

104 custom designs

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Winning design #95 by MES, Logo Design for Fox Valley Apartments Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MES

Project description

Fox Valley is a family business started up by my grandparents in the 1970s. Today, Fox Valley is still family-owned and operated. We pride ourselves on the quiet family community that has grown at Fox Valley. Most of our residents consist of the elderly population and small families, so day to day living at Fox Valley is fairly calm. Our apartments are located in a rural suburban area. They are close enough to the city, but far enough away in a quiet rural setting to be convenient. All of our apartments are clean, comfortable, and up-to-date.


Specifically, we are looking for a logo for our website I am currently building; I would want to be able to use this logo on our business cards and letterheads.  It can be in color or in black or white. The logo should have "Fox Valley Apartments" written somewhere in the logo along with a picture. For the picture, an image of the silhouette of a fox in a valley or on top of a valley would suffice. The big requirements are that there should be a fox somewhere in the logo along with “Fox Valley Apartments” written in the logo. However, I'm open to creativity if some designers want to experiment.

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  • est. 1970, without line #102
  • est. 1970 , with line #101
  • est. 1970 #100
  • elegant, comfort #92
  • About #83, @yulistina
    Oh my gosh. This is beautiful. You have spent so much time on this.
  • He also just added if you could add somewhere that it was established in 1970 it would be nice. #60
  • I talked to the owner. He was wondering what this design would like on black. Also, he just wanted to add that our buildings are southern-style colonial type buildings with columns. If you could incorporate that, that would be awesome. If not, though this design is still amazing and it is a top contender. #60
  • Love the design. Only suggestion I can make is a more realistic fox head. #21
    • About #21, @r_griffin293 thanks for the feedback and great ratings CH..

    • @r_griffin293 hi CH.. I have submitted my latest design for fox.. feel free to check CH.. thanks and regards..

  • I really love this one. However, I know you removed number #60, and that was one of our favorites. Could you repost #60? #22
  • fox valley apartments, your feedback is very important bos, thank you #52
  • check and feedback please... #51
  • chek please... #50
  • @r_griffin293 what you think about this ? #45
  • I love the coloring in the one. Only pointer I have is to change the building to more of an apartment building rather than a skyscraper complex. #38
  • Nice design. However, one pointer I have is the the positioning of the fox as the roof looks a bit awkward. #36
  • I would adjust the head of the fox. Perhaps a bit more realistic. #33
  • Beautiful and creative. Only pointers I can give you are to add and s in apartments. Also, the tail concept is nice but we might prefer either the silhouette of a fox or the head of one. #32
  • Nice design, although, I am not a fan of the background. #28
  • Really beautiful design. You did a great job. #24
  • Everything looks really good.. The only suggestion I have a more realistic fox head. #16