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Winning design #351 by greatboxartist, Logo Design for Freedom 8 Contest
Gold Medal

designed by greatboxartist

Project description

Hey there,

Our holdings company is called "Freedom 8" and I need a logo for it.

It's interesting because the letter 8 represents A FRESH START and Freedom represents free from anything previous and all the other things it means.

Needs to be simple, cool, fun but corporate.

I have some ideas but I know those are my ideas and I am 100% sure that all you AMAZING designers are going to have much much better ones.


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  • I've made a design improvement, I hope you like it, thanks, regards ... #365
  • About #351, @greatboxartist ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT
  • HI Alistair,
    here I am submitting this logo design for you.

    Here is the description of the logo.

    The shape of letter f, as you see, is very stable physically. That is, if you make a physical model of this shape, it would be able to stand with a great stability. As well, this feature means that you are going to be very stable, even during the toughest of the times. The shape has sharp ends, which represents your determination and courage, that you are going to make it. And also, these two features are considered to be lucky, they will bring you loads of luck.
    It has a black outlining, which separates you from the average, and also it shows that you are impenetrable.
    The hourglass has just been started. This represents that you have all the time ahead. (A full hourglass is a lucky symbol)

    All together, I believe, this logo will bring you loads of luck,

    As you might see, this design, is unique. But if you still want it to change, I am more than happy to do it.
    Maybe you would want to change the font, or do adjustments to the shapes, whatever it is, please do ask for it.

    thank you.
    at your service.
    Chief designer.
    Eskat Kartoons. #354
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  • the number 8 depicts a broken chain/connection. please rate
  • The number 8 depicts an open lock/cuffs. #314
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  • Please comment, Sir! Thank you #274
  • Hi Sir
    can you check and feedback for me
    hopefully that's what you're looking for
    thank you #273
  • Please check too :) #271
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  • Hallo CH,
    Please check and give me feedback. thank you :) #264