Fregie: Reusable shopping bag for fruit & veggies

It was great to get so many good logo design for the selection. Also the contact with the designers from DesignContest was always good and productive. We would take part in the contest again if we need other designs.


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Winning design #324 by lizonil, Logo Design for Fregie: Reusable shopping bag for fruit & veggies Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lizonil

Project description

We are looking for a product logo for a reusable, environmental friendly shopping bag for fresh fruit & vegetables. The target audiences are mainly organic shop customers – potentially expanding to all supermarket customers. Following points are important for the logo impression for us: 1. Environmental friendly aspect – reusable, washable. Reduces waste due to less plastic bags. 2. Fresh, healthy, appetizing and friendly looking logo with fresh colors. Possibility to transform the overall logo into one single color as we need this in some circumstances for printing on perforated underground. 3. The logo should look trendy and fresh, but still professional. 4. The logo should target young and old customers. 5. Pictorial mark with a writing underneath or somewhere else – overall logo width & height should be similar [more portrait than landscape] 6. Writing should be easy to read but still trendy. As writing only the name “Fregie” as we cannot assume that the customers are speaking English. No slogan or other words in English please! 7. One additional idea.. What about a combination with a character? Our favourite character would be a kangaroo because it has also a bag / a pouch. Tipps if you want to give it a try: use the bag of the kangaroo - maybe with fruits and veggies or e.g. a little kangaroo with a bag of fruits and veggies is looking out of the bag of the kangaroo-mum. The kangarro should be friendly and professional. Thanks for all your efforts so far. There are many great logos..!

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  • Hi! I've submitted my first design for you ( #1 ). I hope it covers your expectations. Any suggestion please let me know about it, so we can work together. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, If you choose the option of do mock-ups we could show how it would look on a bag as well. Is it to be printed on a tote bag? Kind regards,
  • Hi Zenn, as Elijah said my entry #16 was earlier and the idea is still the same. I will assume that it may not copy me on purpose, but the Idea is mine and I made it first #16, #56 I see no reasons to be understanding in this case. I suggest you remove it yourself.
  • Dear CH, My entries are #49 #50 #51 and #52. Fonts and colours can be easily adjusted. It would be good if the designers know what kind of bag it will be, colour etc. THANKS. Best regards, Renske
  • To ch about #60. I have created a simple, appropriate, memorable design for your company that can be easily re-sized and placed on anything. feedback would be great. Thanks.
  • But #16 was a lot earlier then yours i believe Zenn.
  • Hi savina, The entry times between your #56 and my #57 was only a few minutes apart. This fact indicates that my #57 is not copy of your #56, but we were going same direction on this design. I appreciate you to be understanding. Thank you.
  • @SebbasCvdB, i'm proud of you.. but isn't it about a shopping back for fruit And Veggies?
  • Dear designers, thanks for all your entries so far. The first ratings and feedbacks will appear on Wednesday at the latest. Two side notes: - Please do not integrate the slogan within the logo. We can not assume that our customers speak English. "Fregie" as the name is fine. - Bright, colorfull and "full of life" logos are always welcomed. Thanks for all your efforts so far!
  • Just a side note... a tomato is a fruit, i see a lot of apple / tomato designs but botanically we confuse the tomato as a vegetable.
  • About #124. I designed a character for your company. His name is Fregie. He is actually coming out of one of you reusable bags and he is juggling fruits and vegetables. I thought him juggling would be a creative way to symbolize something being reused over and over again like your bags. Feedback would be well appreciated for this design. Thanks for your time.
  • Dear Fregie, here I am back for the modification over mine previous design #74. New proposals #120, #154 & #155 - I have changed the font and color, also added the thread, since they are washable, I thought Fregie bags are sewed (material attached by sewing), which would be important feature, I think. Any suggestion are well come. Kind regards.
  • Just realized my design #112 is very similar to design #55, I apologize. I had been working on them last night and just posted this morning when I woke up without checking the other designs first.
  • Thank you for the feedback on my design. I have submitted a few more designs for you, please review and comment if you have time. Thank you. #112, #113, #114, #115
  • Hi CH i represent new version #111, taking into account your remarks and wishes, a colour minimum - a recognition maximum. Thanks!
  • Hello dear Fregie! Thank you very much for your feedback. Regarding your suggestions over my previous proposal #84, here are modified designs #104 & #105. I wanted to keep Fregie bag in form of letter F and a bag-basket with fruit & vegetables in, so the logo could reflect your product... and to keep the Eco overlook. However, I've took your appreciated points, so I came up with single color, released fru-veg elements and a new font. I am hoping you will like it. Any further suggestions are very welcome. Meanwhile, I will work on the revision of design #74. Thank you & kind regards.
  • Hello I made the changes in the number 14, can you check it out the numbers 102 and 103, thank you.
  • Dear CH I am glad that you like my idea. I have submitted #93 with different font, hope you like it. Best Regards
  • Dear Contest Holder, Thanks so much for your feedback, Here are changes made as per your comments... #94, #95, #96,#97, #107 and #108. I also tried a red circle in the background to represent a fruit as well as the green veggie colour (not sure I like it though). I tried a version with an offset background. Not sure what colour bags you will be printing on... off white I am presuming. Please do not hesitate to comment, we can try any number of variations. Kind regards, Liz
  • maybe without the background and slogan. Could you add some symbols like fruit and veggies?