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Project description

We are in need of a logo for our new company. Freshtalent is a direct marketing company based in the Netherlands. We are a company that needs to attract young people. Our company is a direct dialogue marketing company that specialized in direct-sales and fundraising. *Update We would like to avoid the color green because we wouldn't like to be associated with fresh produce. We would like to be associated with a employment agency for young people.

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  • Hello CH, to help create an effective logo, can you please share a little bit about what products you offer through direct marketing? Also, do you have a website or can you offer a little more background on your company? Thanks!
    • We don't have a website yet. Our company sales subscriptions of newspapers and raises money for charities on the street.

    • Great, thank you for your feedback. I will post a logo for your consideration shortly.

  • have a look in # 31 and give ur valuable feedback . thnks
  • Really like the design of the FT logo, but can you change the font and the color scheme?
    • I'm having some problems with the profile broufy, you do not mind if I continue to work with you on another account - soloniy. I will prepare for you a different color scheme and fonts will work on.

    • Sure

  • stolen design
  • Thanks for rating #9 I'll work on print and will soon lay out a new job
  • Can you make talent bigger?
  • Hello, U just submitted a design #12 any comments are welcome Thanks Andrea
    • Andrea, I like your design but can U make FreshTalent one word? We dont want to put to much emphasis on the word Fresh.

  • Thanks for the rate of my entries #61 #62 . Any request or feedback? [ JOBZ ]
    • Jobzz, can you change to colors to the colors in the brief? So more light blue than green. Lose the direct mkt. And can you change the dart a little so it looks more like a dart? (it's now more a dot)

    • Ok, working on it. Just give me a few minutes. Will you watch the game of Netherland vs México?

    • Yeah, good luck there mate :)

    • Thanks, with a team like Netherland, of course that we'll need luck.

    • It's going to be a good match, nobody thought the Dutch team would come so far anyway.

    • Well, this World Cup has been full of surprises .

  • Hi,I have submitted another concept. Kindly have a look #78
  • Dear CH, can you leave a feedback on my design #77
  • clip-art/third party work is not allowed in logo contest. design: sourcse: plz be original.
  • Can you do this in different colors?
    • Yes, of course, offer a couple of options for color scheme logo #17

    • Yeah we would like to see some light blue. I also added some colors in the brief. But it can be at different tones as you please.

  • Hi Ch, I have submitted entry#38. Feel free to have some comment. Thanks! ^_^ KHAI
    • Hey Khai, Thanx for the effort! But it's not the style we are looking for.

    • |--|

      Dufius {*wrote*}:
      Hey Khai, Thanx for the effort! But it's not the style we are looking for.
      |--| Ok sir I'll try another one. thanks for the comment.

  • Hello Dufius: Please take a look at my designa #61 and #62. The concept is based on a few words: young talent and direct mkt. The icon is a target (a basic element on marketing) that has a dart in the center that shows the efficiency of the company, and at the same time represents the talent idea, because is a special talent to hit the center. The young part is represented by the idea of darts game. The center of the target has the letters F and T. Any feedback would be helpful. If you want to see any changes, please let me know. KIND REGARDS [JOBZ] PS: please take a look at mi design #70, a simple and clean wordmark logo.
  • Dear CH, thank you for your vote #50, the design of my new #53, I hope CH likes, if there are any suggestions or comments please Tell me, sya ready to make a change, thank you ...
    • Deft, I think #53 is to serious for our company. Can you do #50 in a blue? Tnx

    • Dear CH, the design of my new #54 #56, I hope CH like, thanks ...

  • Hello! As promised job on the logo #41, I suggest a couple of colors and placement of FT
    • Hey! You are getting closer. I like the one in the bottom the best so far. Can you put the FT in the front maybe?

  • This reminds me more of a fresh produce company. Not what we are looking for.
  • can i get tthe suggestion about #151 , wht do u want abt design
  • Hi Dufius, Could you check please my designs #150 #153? Any feedback would be helpful. KIND REGARDS [JOBZ]
  • Can you put the logo in the front?