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Friendly 4 is the outward brand to the world, which can be adapted to for example, the logo can either include the words Friendly 4 or A derivative such as F4. Examples might be : Friendly 4 Friendly 4 BRIDES Friendly 4 ANGLERS etc.

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  • thumbs up is also one way to symbolize 'rating'. i can add phrase 'online rating agnecy' underneath the logo also.
  • Hello, in the icon, that is in the left, F is like a hand of 4. I can make it in other colors if you wish.
  • tlr
    Icon (circle 4) color can be changed according to sector as decided by your company ie. Kids - Green, Travel - Blue, etc.
  • Hi friends, In F4 logo, is a white rectangle. I put an example (ex: Kids) on same color with 4. Using different colors for 4 and the same color for text inside white rectangle you can use the same logo for different business. All the best!
  • In both my submissions I wanted to Isolate the root Friend from Friendly.
  • About #39 & #40 Hi, I submitted #39 & #40. Tried to incorporate a clean look using your colors. Let me know if this is in the right direction. Thanks!
  • Hi there, I submitted two similar renditions, each with the same smiley icon so often seen in internet communication. The subtopic can be added below, with a different style font and color that reflects the category (ie: bridal with a script, auto - something "fast looking", kids - something cute/playful). Please let me know what you think! Thanks - Julia
  • Dear CH, the same thing here. Please, check this out: Thank you
  • Dear CH, Please check out this entry, it will look nicely with different consumer groups (see here: Thank you.
  • Hello there, I used a cube design to complement the "4" in friendly 4 and I used the font because it seems "friendly." The colors can be changed on the cube depending on what you use it for, and there is space to under the logo to add whatever subtopic it is used for.
  • With this design, all you would need is to change the colors for the appropriate application. For kids, use as shown. For Bridal, use pastels. For Automotive, use black and warm colors. Hunting and fishing. Browns, blues and greens. Universal appeal requires universal flexibility. This logo hands it to you.
  • Slight revision to bring the design (specifically the "4") together. Thanks!
  • Welcome to DesignContest. I am kind of shooting in the dark as the first entry. Decided on a pretty basic but bold design. Thanks for looking!
  • friendly fonts used in entry #12, #13, #110, highlighted the online rating concept with "stars"
  • Here's a master brand (#109), along with some secondary brands (#106, #107, #108). Thanks!
  • You can only submit one design per entry. I haven't given any infractions this time, but please be more careful to only upload one design per entry in the future.
  • #101 a new twist to 4, using the suggested colors...
  • Dear CH, I try to design your logo by modify F4 into some thing like you can see in my design. This is another version of submission #98. I try to make bound between F and 4 to show that friendly4 has relationship to all their customer/client/user or what ever. There is Five star to show "rating" component. And using blue colour as symbol for cool, wise, trust and friendship.
  • Dear admin, I'm a newbie here I want to delete this submission. cause actually its similar design with my other submission. Just say it was double post due to my internet connection failure. thanks
  • #51 i combined 'Y' of friendly and the number 4. and F4 with skyblue trail represents "travelling"