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Winning design #51 by DIANAGARGARITZA, Logo Design for Front Office Solutions Contest
Gold Medal


Project description

We are a Virtual Receptionist, secretary and answering service type business.   Our focus is on Customer Service and bringing forth old fashioned service that has been lost with the automated world.  We are extremely friendly and always smiling on the phone and eager to assist callers with the best service possible.  We are open 24/7/365. 

We are looking for a colorful design that has a 1950's feel.  Please contact us for more information if you would like. The colors that we show below are just an idea. If you have your own idea of what colors would be great to use, feel free to use those. Our current logo uses a rotary phone image. While we think that is cool, pleas feel free to be creative in your design. We would like a design that is both a little playful and retro and has a little class. 

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  • About #51, @DIANAGARGARITZA We chose this design as the winner! Thank you very much!
    • About #51, @j_kilpatrick

      hi...great news for me ! you can close the project and i will send all files for use.
      bye, bye

  • Hey Diana, I really appreciate all your work on this. We are really close to getting a winning design. We would like to combine the gal in #50 w/ the layout of #49. I am also thinking that the O needs to be a little thicker in FOS. You are really doing a great job! #50
    • About #50, @j_kilpatrick

      my first option was to make the "o" bolder, but that's mean to reduce the size of the litlle girl !
      i will try to make the " o" bolder just on outside see how it will look.

    • @j_kilpatrick please take a look and tell me if that you need . in about one hour i will go to bed ( it's late ) if you will answer me now i will change something...or maybe tomorow if it's hard to decide. bye, bye DIANA

  • the " o " is a litlle thiner and the girl bigger( another font ) #52
  • what about this one ? #45
  • I don't feel that this logo says anything about our company. It doesn't say who we are. #39
  • It is very cute, but I don't think we want to be known as the monkey company. #43
    • About #43, @j_kilpatrick hello ch thanks for your reply you need any changes em ahre thanks again :)

  • Hi, pls check my entry. Thanks. #42
    • @sangkavr Thanks for your submission. We want to communicate that we are making people happy, not computers. You may want to re-think your logo a bit.

  • hi commnt pls #43
  • Hi, pls check my entry. Thanks. #41
  • Hi, pls check my entry. Thanks. #40
  • About #36, @j_kilpatrick

    • @DIANAGARGARITZA Awesome, thank you! I appreciate it! Would it be possible to have the character have a body on a different design? I was thinking about having her be our mascot or person that represents my FOS. thank you!

  • mock up look #38
  • Hope you like it. #23
  • 50`s feel logo. Hope you like. #22
  • CKS
    Hello, thank you for the feedback!
    Send this reniewed version for your evaluation, any changes, please let me know.
    Best regards.
    Erick #21
  • I like the color on this one as well as the overall layout. I think I like the dial and receiver in the other one better though. #6
  • Please check the design. I understood your brief? If something needs to be changed, please contact me.
  • I like your willingness to be bold w/ color. The overlapping of the letters in the FOS is cool, however I feel the font choice lacks the fun factor that we are looking for and these particular colors don't quite work well together. #2
    • Thank you for feedback. I will work on the colors. About #2, @j_kilpatrick

  • I appreciate the inclusion of a character. Overall, I feel some of the proportions are off and that the colors don't quite work together. Also, the character has a somewhat generic feel. We would like her to feel more unique to our company. #3
  • While this is a timeless design, I feel it lacks some of the "fun" that we are looking for.