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Winning design #105 by karl2013, Logo Design for Front Row Signs Contest
Gold Medal

designed by karl2013

Project description

I'm opening a sign design, manufacturing, & installation business in the Houston, TX area.  An optional tagline is ‘Putting Your Business Front Row Center’.  The name was inspired by my many years playing in the front row of various rugby teams.  Our customer demographic is business to business so would like the logo to convey professionalism, reliability, and other attributes that show we are here to help business owners express their message through signage.

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  • hello CH sorry for late response:) please check my new entry i hope you like it
    thank you so much:) #105
  • Could you incorporate the tagline? #35
    • About #35, @foodcolumn
      thank you for your feedback, please have a look at #102 and #103.

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  • please check my new entry#93 #93
  • front #93
  • I like the concept. Could you make the word 'SIGNS' more prominent. #85
  • looks good except don't want the word 'signs' to have all that space between letters. makes it hard to read. can you either increase font size of 'front row' to match the length of 'signs' or decrease the space between the letters without decreasing font size-thank you! #43
  • YES! colors looking good together #54
  • I hope you like my most recent design, let me know if there is anything else I can do for you its been great working with you!
  • I used a cube as my concept . there looks cube is in the middle of the front into cubes depicting the front . I use the funds parallelogram in the cube that create shadow effects . I hope you like it #77
  • plz check my new enteries and any feedback about this!
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