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Winning design #52 by mmyousuf, Logo Design for Frontier Realty- Lanae DeMuth Contest
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designed by mmyousuf

Project description

I am a Realtor looking for a logo design to set myself apart from others. The company I am a part of is Frontier Realty, and I am required to have Frontier Realty on my logo, however, I also want my name (Lanae DeMuth) on the logo. I sell real estate in rural Oklahoma, mostly residential and land sales, some (but little) commercial. Some things I like are barn wood, wagon wheels, old style keys, etc...I don't want the logo to be so rustic that someone with a more modern house wouldn't give me a second look, but I also do not want something too modern looking because that just isn't the style of our area or myself. I am open to any suggestions. Our company color is red, but that is not a requirement for the logo. Thanks for your help!

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  • About #52, @sharie ok sorry for that next time i will be care about that
    thank you 
  • mmyousuf I posted this message to you no outside of contest contact allowed, all communication is required to remain in contest

    The contest is expired, if the client wants to work with you , the client can either choose you as winner or extend the contest. stop with the outside contact!
  • Oh and name on the bottom a littler larger or more prominent. #52
    • About #52, @lanae_demuth I did it as your wish please give me your email address, so that i send you all changes in few moments
      Thank You

    • @mmyousuf no outside of contest contact allowed, all communication is required to remain in contest

  • Can you change the Gold to something else? Maybe black on the white and white on the black? #30
    • About #30, @lanae_demuth The contest has expired, I can not add new options. But if you choose my logo is a winner, I can do all that is necessary.

  • Also, the one on white, could I see the letters in black instead of tan? I like the gold on Black. #52
  • Can you take off the roof top?
  • logo design #42
  • Hello dear Contest Holder , I made a new concept for you.
    Into the symbol I have integrated the two letters, the letter F and the letter R in the form of skyscrapers. Everything is enrolled in a shield symbol of safety and trust. Any recommendation is welcome like always! #35 and #36
  • This is my concept which connects the new (skyscrapers of the key cogs) and old (as key) . Any feeback is welcome. Regards! #28
  • Thanks in advance for your rate and for the feedback to improve the design. #27
  • One more version from me.. #26
  • Hello, please check my design. The house on the horizon is reffering on term frontier, and with the tree gives a feeling of calm and rural area. The tree on this logo is rosebud- one of the Oklahoma symbols. I am opened to anny suggestions and changes. Greetings #24
  • I tried to make the design for you sir, please tell me if there is to be changed, your feedback, I expected to get better, greetings #23
  • I am ready to correct any deficiencies

    regards #22
  • I am ready to correct any deficiencies

    Regards #21
  • Please make you contest "BLIND" or "HIDDEN" so the designs be more original and authentic.Thanks for understanding and I have a great design for you. Thanks.
  • Thanks in advance for your rate and for the feedback to improve the design. #13
  • Hello. I am glad to present to you my idea for your logo. If you find it attractive and you have any suggestion to improve it I am glad to receive your feedback. Thank You ! #12
  • hi , my design may be acceptable to you , thanks #7