Frontline Chiropractic Clinic

Really good experience! The designers were really top notch and almost overwhelming at times with such great designs. Customer service responded quickly every time I had a question, which made it a really professional experience. Thank you DesignContest! Tony

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Winning design #175 by sajid2032, Logo Design for Frontline Chiropractic Clinic Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajid2032

Project description

I'm looking for a logo for a chiropractic clinic.

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  • CH, I will use different fonts and then submit. Thanks, dlbonanno64
  • dear contest holder, thanks for your feedback i will work in the design to look more like a spine. Regards sergio - serjazz
  • I'd like to see what it would look like with a more realistic spine? I do like the the circles, because it's actually not a spine, but just for a comparison.
  • I like the word display as is. I'd like to see the symbol spine-like, and or like your #11. Just so I can see what it would be like. Thanks.
  • Thanks for the changes. I like #1 and #9, how the "swoosh" goes through the words. I'd like to see the swoosh as a spine, or spine look-alike. Of course this would be separate from the #1 and #9, because I like those. Thanks again.
  • in designs #10 i revome the color from the text. i await your feedback regards sergio - serjazz
  • dear frontlinechirop, thanks for rate my design and for your comments, i already submit the changes in the "swoosh" like you asked for. I await your response. Best regards sergio - serjazz
  • Thanks for your submission. Wondering if you would be willing to use a different font or letter type.
  • Thanks. I like the font and word layout, I'm just not digging the symbol. Thanks again.
  • Wondering if you'd be willing to switch the "swoosh" to dark on top and light on bottom... just so I can see it. Thanks
  • I would like to see FRESH ideas still. I'm open to all. Also, maybe a black background with white lettering. Emblem-like.
  • Thank you all for your submissions. I challenge you to try and incorporate a symbol or running and spine. My example comes from a google search where the spine looked like a running/trail path.....
  • I really like the font and word layout. Wondering if you can take the spine and put it underneath, or on top. or a smaller spine through the O going vertical. thanks.
  • dear contest holder i submit 2 new designs, entries #20 and #21 with different approachs of spine, please tell me if you like to see changes or if you like to see others approachs. I await your response best regards sergio - serjazz
  • I really like this. Anyway you can follow up with similar but slightly more sophisticated? I'm up for anything!
  • I like the #12 Black font better.
  • Yes, I like the square look of the font.
  • can I see this one with the top swoosh like #20. Thanks.
  • hi. please view my entry #33. thank yo very much. i made it simple
  • dear contest holder i already submit the entrie #20 like you asked for, see my design #30. any other suggestions or changes you have, please ask me regards sergio - serjazz