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Winning design #1160 by WMaul, Logo Design for FRONTLINE INJURY LAW Contest
Gold Medal

designed by WMaul

Project description


Hello! Welcoming all creative unique artists! Need a great, unique, and creative logo created for my solo practice injury law firm. This logo means everything as it will be the guide to our branding. PLEASE SEE PICTURES BELOW so you can see styles and colors and etc that I like. Obviously, make the logo be about my business:) 

Please know what the word "Frontline" means and implement its meaning into the logo design. On the frontline in war or fighting means the people closest to the enemy. That person or group of people are the strategists who implement tactical decisions to win the war / battle. Here, we are on the legal "Frontline" for our hurt clients. We have to go after large corporations and insurance companies who have hurt or killed our clients. 

In addition to the below - feel free to use a watercolor pattern in the logo. During our client's legal storm, we stand on the Frontline!! (See the JWADE photo design below)

None of the following:
      • No HANDICAP symbols
      • No HOSPITAL symbols
      • NO LEGAL symbols  - we are a modern law firm.  
      • No logo made from or centered around the letter "F"

The above is very important. Please read all of this brief before participating. Feel free to use other injury symbols or patterns.  

***We need a logo showing injury + help. We stand on the Frontline of the legal war for our clients  who are are injured or killed by someone else!*** We carry their legal burden. 

My solo female trial lawyer practice is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I serve any and all injured people.  My clients come to me and need us during one of their most challenging times - a time when they are most vulnerable because they have been hurt by someone else. 

NO to these colors:
    •  No feminine colors. 
    • No pinks or pinky blushes. 
    • No light or lilac like purples ( would consider a dark eggplant purple only for the strong regal like look.  
    • No bright colors.
    • See below - many of the pictures I attached have color combos I like. 
    • YES = Color palettes below
    • YES = ombre patterns
    • Yes = warm color palette that is both modern and strong in color at same time.
    • Yes = Sleek and inviting and sophisticated

Basically, I want a color palette that is flexible for design and print onto things and patterns.  See color palettes I like below. I also like ombre too.

I envision a strong, warm and powerful doesn't that is modern and unique. I am kind of turning the traditional masculaine boring stuff, and cheap not well thought out logos (usually male dominated firm's) on its head.  

I want it to be a logo and brand that both men and women would be proud to see and show (i.e. If I printed logo on golf shirts or shopping bags or candy bars or whatever).  

I want the logo and branding to be attractive and super cool where people want to know who I had create it. 

Thank you!  I look forward to seeing the great talent out there and I cannot wait to see your creativity!

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