Frost Advisory

I was happy with the final outcome. I had a lot of very poor designs come through but in the end I had two or three good designers produce designs to brief. I recommend people spend a bit more to get better designs.

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Winning design #304 by Reasonstobelieve, Logo Design for Frost Advisory Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Reasonstobelieve

Project description

We are a financial advice company servicing individuals and families. I would like our logo to be professional yet modern and somewhat fun. I particularly like the branding for Xero (see but do not want it to look too similar.  I have not decided on colours as yet but they will need to complement the general theme on my website I would like to stay away from earthy colours, red, orange etc. 

My surname is Frost, I do not want anything related to cold, ice, snow etc. we are a financial advice business so icons etc should be creative and relate to investing, trust, confidence, security, wise, smart, strategy etc. 

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  • Maybe that way? #328
  • The name sounds like a weather report that citrus farmers dread
  • compass instead of the letter ''o'' in ''advisory'' #324
  • compass symbolizes giving the right direction to the client (advice)... #323
  • Hey again,

    Here is a custom business card model with the logo. #318
  • Here is the same logo with a different color scheme. #317
  • Good luck everyone! Be the best. #315
  • Hey Lincoln,

    Here is my design. Let me know what you think. Thank you! #313
  • I hope you like it. I've never been to Australia so I don't know if seeing the word advisory automatically tells people you deal with money or not so that is why I added the dollar sign (it's the one part of the design I don't really like) but it can be removed easily enough. #307
  • how about this? #302
  • Logo idea. Hope you like it. Good luck #276
  • About #258, @lincoln here's a new approach of my design, different font. thanks!
  • Hey mate. I'm desperate to finish this contest. Any update? #88
  • #256 so sorry for delay in getting back to you... I have internet poltergeists haunting me today!! I am still working on the owl : )
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #244
  • I hope you like it !!!!!! #235
  • kindly check my latest design i hope you like it
    thank you:) #231
  • @lincoln good day my friend please check my entry #228 . feedback is highly appreciated. god bless us.
  • About #185, @lincoln yes of course I can change it for you. Bear with me and I will do that : )
  • 'Frost Advisory' a good name. I like too

    I try to make you a good logo design, simple, modern and elegant.

    I prepared a few entries, I hope you enjoy it.
    thank you

    Best regards

    Elya #220