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Winning design #269 by ThoelKenyoet, Logo Design for FRüT Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ThoelKenyoet

Project description

Update.. Please write ice pops and not ice pop's for all designs... Also we would like to see a bit more sophistication since our product will be in a higher price segment then normal ice pops. Thank you We are a young food Startup producing a new kind of popsicle. 100% natural, 100% recyclable, 100% Cool..... Our target customer base is between 10 and 36 Years old and we are looking for a logo which has a very high recognition value. as we use the Logo very dominant on all our marketing campaign and as embossed Logo on our products we need a simple Logo. Our products are very colorful please see pictures... The Logo should say FRüT with a sub line ICE POPS which can be later used also for other sublimes such as Ice Cookies, Ice Cream, Sorbetto etc.

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  • Also looks not to bad. Just remember black and white since our background always will have color.
    • Hello, Thank you very much for your feedback. Here are mine new submissions #134 & #141, hopefully you will like it. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me know. Kind regards

  • Too simple but not to bad either.
    • okay... could you please elaborate? i guarantee my next solution will be more to your liking if you do.

  • To all designer... Please only use black or white with your logo creations. The final 4 to 6 designs will then have the chance to use colors at the end of the contest. Thank you.
  • We don't really like the banner
  • To neon like
  • Funny but difficult to read
  • Not to bad. Maybe try to cone to the ice poop and the Ãœ a bit more ..
  • Elegant, don't really know what to change.
  • Thank you for the work and presentation. Looks good.however please at this stage only black and white. We don't like the banner style and font for the ice pop writing. That would need to change
  • Not exactly what we are looking for
  • It's a old style ice cream logo style , I think I have seen it before. Please no text of 100% natural.. Also please all entries in black and white...
  • The straw and the filled Ãœ we don't like. We also ask all designer to only go for black and white.. No colors at this stage of the contest...
  • Not the style we are looking for thank you. It is too much going on and the font isent what we like.
  • It's kind of fun but not exactly what we are looking for. Please no colors for now just black and/ or white..thank you
  • It's missing the wow effect. And please don't use colors. I mentioned it before to many designers... Just black and white.
  • This logo would be good for a ice cream shop or restaurant but isent as good as a company and product logo. But it's cute. Thank you
  • It's simple however it's missing the special something. Please try to figure out something with the Ãœ just not too crazy please. Some designers have overdone it and I had to eliminate there design afterwords.
  • I feel I have seen that somewhere before. It us too much going on and we don't need stars and lines and many colors...
  • Hi Sorry it's not our style, to much going on and still you use colors. Please just use black and white and not colors.
  • I have submitted my design #56. Feel free to comment. Thanks!