Fun, playful logo needed for new women's clothing designer--fashion forward with a wink to the past

This was an incredible experience, with so many great designs to choose from. I began the contest thinking I had a clear sense of what I wanted, but in the end, chose an idea that had never occured to me. So glad I did this. I will likely host other contest to continue the development of my brand aesthetic--from icons to business cards, etc. Thank you so much!

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Winning design #419 by Kris104bama, Logo Design for Fun, playful logo needed for new women's clothing designer--fashion forward with a wink to the past Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Kris104bama

Project description

We need a logo that represents the LollyDee brand... fresh, fun, sweet and sexy. A modern woman who exudes the joy of being an individual, but appreciates the sentiment and beauty of garments from the past. The vintage aprons and linens are one of a kind and each tell a story... women's work, grandma with a crying child, family dinners, and "the good ol days" juxtaposed with a modern design that exudes wholesome sexiness...

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  • Hi CH, Just wondering if you could put up an example of one of your tops, it could be helpful for my design. Thank you very much!
  • cool handle design symbolizing the youthful and fun or in management and in dee hope your comments and suggestions thanks.
  • Check #6. 2 diferent styles, fonts and colors. Vintage Figures and Wallpaper. If u need a Change let me know it. Thanks
  • #5 I combined the old and the new, preserving the sexiness by using slim fonts
  • Hi CH, about #129 #130 #131 I made the changes you requested and also threw in the checkered pattern one juuuuust in case. Also If you'd like to see any more I would need a few more upload credits because I'm all out. Thanks so much again.
  • thanks for your feedback, here's a new revision with different font and flower color. Feel free to let me know if it's the right direction.
  • Just saw your note... :)
  • think these are a bit too ornate...
  • Similar #118 but with a button for the 'o'.
  • Using 2 different type styles for the words "Lolly" & "Dee" Same design, just with and without a border and with the colors inverted.
  • Hi CH, in #111 #112 I removed the left and right lines so the text is not boxed in. I would love to show you more combinations however, I have used up all my 7 designs. Would you be able to give me more entries? Thank you!
  • I dont think this is quite it, but I would be interested to see other variations, if you feel inspired
  • I appreciate the doily lace, but I don't think its working. Perhaps a small circle like this that punctuates the word somehow but doesnt put a circle around it? Not sure but there is something there...
  • thanks for another hangtag look...I think this shape is a bit too victorian and ornate though. please feel free to try some other shapes
  • thanks for your design--I'm finding that I'm favoring designs that are not boxed in
  • dont think these fonts feel quite right, thank you though!
  • cute use of flower as the "o"...but I dont think the font are going in the right direction
  • thanks for your entry, a bit too ornate for us
  • I think the entry we asked for revision on is closer to the direction we're thinking...
  • thanks for your entry, I don't think the hearts quite work