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Winning design #13 by intechnology, Logo Design for Funeral Home Contest
Gold Medal

designed by intechnology

Project description

New logo for an old funeral company started over 90 years ago. Forget the generic ones, a logo that could be around for the next 90 years is what we need - something that shows that we take care of the deceased, the estate etc. with respect and expertise.

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  • Just quickly giving some more advice: no religious stuff, no birds, no coffins or urns...
  • nice. maybe the tree is too complex to have on all the brochures etc... something else you have in mind?
    • Hello, Thank You for feedback and rating. I'll try something else. Regards.

  • Obiously, the name of the company is not Funeral Home, and the emblem / pictorial mark should just represent the ideas of a company very experienced in it's field...
  • Hello CH! I've submitted #12 and I need your feedback. Kind regards, Benjamin
  • Hello CH, in #42 I wanted to give you other colour opcion about the design you just rated. If you want me to try with other colours, please tell me.
  • about #40, hi, initials of the funeral company can be added in the "setting Sun" part of this logo. I hope you'll love the logo and the meaning behind. thanks.
  • Hello jokela. Please check my entrie #38 . We can allways make changes. Regards
  • I think we have enough trees and leaves, maybe something else next?
  • Dear Jokela, I submit my design for your new logo #17, #18, #19 and #21. Hopefully you like it. I look forward for your early feedback and precious directions to make my designs better and suit your style. Regards, Dj
  • Hello winner, could you present me a design that doesn't include the birds? just to see if it's better that way...
    • forget it, my mother thinks the birds are fine....