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Winning design #24 by hollander, Logo Design for G.R.I.T Summer Camp Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

Summer Camp For Kids Ages 8-12

Windsor (city it's located)

Building Growth Resiliency Integrity & Toughness through mental, physical and emotional activities. 
Not your typical camp. More of a Like Skills & Fitness Camp

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  • We like this too, can you change the colours a bit, and bring the "people" out more to make a full circle? #24
    • @lauren4 I work on everything, I hope I have time before the end of the contest.

    • @lauren4 Please check #29 #30 Maybe you prefer a certain color scheme. This can be changed. All options look good in one color. On life skills and fitness .... maybe a wise owl lifting barbell #31 This is a serious and a little playful.

  • We like the idea of fitness being a part of this logo, but we also are teaching life skills. Is there any way we can incorporate fitness (the weightlifting) with something else to show that it's a fitness AND life skills camp? #2
  • Hey Hollander. I love this logo. Can we see 2 different things done to this logo:
    1. Can you please make it a full circle
    2. Can you change the image in the middle? We didn't see the people in the tree right away.

    Overall, I like where this is going... haha #3
  • Can change colors if you want. Please give feedback. Thank you! #15
  • GRIT #14
  • Hello dear CH,
    Thanks a lot for your feedback , I have submitted couple of new concepts as you requested. Hope you like them, and looking forward for your comments or modifications.

    Selma #9
  • This looks better. I do like it! I like how clean and modern it looks. And how the words fit everywhere. I do like the tree too...Can you show me some other design options you may have? #3
    • @lauren4 Thanks for the feedback. I will try to do something worthy.

  • Dear contest holder, please give feedback. Thank you! #6
  • Thank you for your entry. I like how simple and modern it is. Can you show me other simple and modern logo ideas that differ in shape, colour, font, etc? #5
  • I'm not a fan of the colours, or the logo, or the font. Thank you though! #4
  • About #2, @hollander
    This isn't too bad. I like the stars in between GRIT and the way it's laid out. I'm not a huge fan of the characters in the logo as they don't match exactly what we'll be doing in the camp. Maybe these words can help in regards to finding the right "characters" or "symbols"

    Self Esteem

    This is a fitness and life skills camp
    • @lauren4 Thanks for your feedback. Please check the new version #3 It seems to me that most of these qualities correspond to a growing tree. or ...?

  • About #1, @hakim_abotdeli
    Thanks for the submission. I feel as though it's too juvenile for the age group and not as modern and clean as I would like it to be