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Winning design #15 by kristijp, Logo Design for GAIA Contest
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designed by kristijp

Project description

GAIA is a hand build bicycle brand that build vintage style touring bicycles.  The logo will eventually be used as a head badge. The logo should be beautiful illustrated and interesting. May be based on a "vintage metal medallion" or coin. Should have Greek/Roman style olive leaves and other elements. Art Nouveau style. Rustic copper or brass colors. Antique/Vintage/Roman/Classic look and font. please also look at Rivendell bicycle head badges.

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  • ​Hello,
    I appreciate your description but with a little discussion the work will be better, I need to having a feeling & look about your website (URL) of your business, and also I have a concern about the color scheme that you really want the logo to be. also do you intend to print your logo onto a particular materials in near the future as(wood, cloth, glass, mugs, ..etc) ,what about animating logo ?
    and finally would you like the logo to be a letters as (Facebook, Coca-cola, Samsung, Google..etc) or shape with letters like (Apple, Microsoft, Mercedes, BMW, ....etc) ?

    thanks a lot.

    (1) URL of your business website ?
    (2) Color scheme ?
    (3) Printing purposes ?
    (4) animated logo is good or bad 4u?
    (5) Letters or Shape or both ?
    • @sanayar2008 Hi, Thank you for your massage. 1. URL not yet exist. On it's way. 2. I wish I knew more about how exactly I want the logo to look and knew the exact colors. That's why I decided to go with this site, to get multiple ideas. But the initial idea way to have vintage / earthy colors. 3. Printing purposes is brochures, website, and maybe a head badge for a bicycle. 4. Animated is what I want. 5. Shape Thanks.

  • Thank you, it looks really really good. The purple/blue adds a lot too. The design is there but I am not sure yet that those are the colors I want. Can you play with the colors a bit to give a few more options? Can you replace the blue with an antique/country green to see how it looks? another option is to stay with the original brown but dark on the out side. Also, Can I see the yellow replaced with the white or a cream (together with the blue and also with the green). We might come back to these color at the end though. Thank you. #15
    • @aleibushor Thank you! No problem, I've uploaded the versions you requested and then also a version in black and white just for reference (which would come with the source files as well) just for basic printing purposes and things like that. Just let me know if there are any other color versions you'd like to see. -Kristi

    • @kristijp Thank you for all the versions and quick responds. O.K. so we will go with the blue one. Would that be o.k. if you send me also one version in blue that says on the top "GAIA BICYCLES" only (without the "Co.")? Thanks.

    • @kristijp Also, when you send the package, can you also send a color chart that shows the RGB or HTML Color #? Thanks

    • @aleibushor I can send versions with and without the Co. and adding a color chart will also be no problem at all.

  • I just google "vintage country green" and it looks too light. I meant more "dark green" or dark olive. Thanks..
  • thanks for invitation... #16
  • Hi, Thanks, lets try to soften the inside a bit. Especially the sun. Can you lower the World down a bit together with the bike. Also the sun has too sharp edges. And the light is too long. Also, can I see the folling stars in the place I drew mine please? The inside looks a bit too crowded with sharp lines Can you please try to soften a bit. Thanks #13
    • @aleibushor I've made some changes as you requested and entered #14. Let me know if this is more in the direction you were thinking of. Thanks, Kristi

  • I think your drawing skills are beautiful. I would love to see another version. Thanks #12
  • Hi, Thank you, I like the out side circle and font and also the 3d and the vintage bike. The woman is prity but might be too much (also the wheels of the bike are on her brest which could be offensive). Can we try - instead of the woman to add a "world" with grids and continents below the bike and a sun and falling / shooting stars at the sky. I drew something and will add it to the brief. Thanks #10
    • @aleibushor Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. I'll await your drawing upload and see what I can do!

    • @kristijp Thanks, it is just an idea, If you think of anything else I am open. I am trying to create a vintage/classic/mystic around traveling the world.

    • @aleibushor Let me know what your thoughts are on #13. I took a few creative liberties to change it from your drawing but kept with the same concept. I can always make additional changes. -Kristi

  • Hi GJR, Thank you, Please instead of the woman can you drew e,phesize of touring by bicycle in the old days? if you google "Tweed Run Logo" there may be some inspirartions. Thanks #12
  • Please include the writing: "GAIA BICYCLE CO." at the top. Like the writing on a coin. and the writing: :"EST. 2015" at the bottom. Should remind a greek coin and include some greek elements. Please look at Rivendell bicycle logo for inspiration. Thanks
  • Also please google "Art Nouveau Bicycle"
  • please google "art nouveau medallion coin" and also "Rivendell Head Badge". Could be something around the GAIA - the goddess of the earth. A mystic woman.
  • google: "vintage greek art nouveau medalion" and also google: "Rivendell head badge"
  • eb_
    sorry I do not understand what you mean by "vintage art nouveau style greek / roman." Can I see an example?

    a greeting
  • Thank you for the post. I am more in the direction of vintage style art nouveau greek/roman. No need for bike illustration. Maybe a mystic woman illustration. #2