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Winning design #238 by marlborolight595, Logo Design for GARDINER ( Contest
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designed by marlborolight595

Project description


GARDINER is a B2B Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning company with a diverse group of businesses within the overall company. 

We're looking for a refresh/addition for our brand. Ideally, we'd actually like to keep the current simple all caps italicized GARDINER logo, but add a pictoral mark/icon element that we could use with the logo...or alone as part of collateral or other designs (something more conceptual).

A concept we're working with is using "Buildings Solved." as a tagline, so maybe the mark could work with this. The concept is that we solve building challenges holistically (, where many competitors only solve for one part of the equation. 

This could work with a rubik's cube puzzle type icon perhaps or some kind of building outline (but we aren't set on that). An example of what we're thinking is something like our partner, KMC Controls does with their "Building Geniuses" sub-brand, where they have a separate mark for that (example here:

The GARDINER logo itself is red, although we more frequently use a white logo on a dark background with the red stripe (see for our most updated look). We'd be willing to see different variations of this.

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  • Hi submitting a concept, hope you may like it. Fonts or colors can be changed as per your preferences, thanks #509
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  • elegant and clean design, hope you like the concept. thanks! #464
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  • Hi, here is the logo I created. I took inspiration from your text to do it. Indeed, you had talked about a rubik's cube puzzle type icon, so I tried to make the letter G, but in the shape of a cube. I tried to have diagonals in the icon to keep a family look with your website and to make it dynamic. I changed the typography for something more right and geometric to go with the icon. We can always put the logo in italics and it also works very well and it is not long to change. In conclusion, the logo is strong, minimalist and dynamic and would be perfect for your company. #460
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  • Hello! I’m a professional graphic designer. I will cope with any task related to the development of the logo. Work in all programs of graphic design.
    This is a vector format. Fully editable, multilayered. Point above the letter "I" is made in the form of a cube Rubik. If you want to change something, just tell. Thank you!
  • this page may help you in your decision-making:
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  • The symbol represents constructions and a small check mark (in orange) which, together, forms a letter 'G', #406
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  • please check this my design :
    if you need a change do not hesitate to contact me
    thank you
  • please check this my design :
    if you need a change do not hesitate to contact me
    thank you
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