Woods Performance Strategies

Nayla_Art was very patient with the various concepts I had and took the time to understand what I wanted. Strong communication skills and ability to listen to feedback well! Thank you so much for all your work and creativity! I truly appreciate it!

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Winning design #903 by Nayla_Art, Logo Design for Woods Performance Strategies Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nayla_Art

Project description

Hi Designers,

We’re looking for a logo and brand identity for our new Company "Woods Performance Strategies".

The motto is Calibrating Success

The target population is law enforcement and military and business professionals with an objective to help individuals reach their full potential. 

Some ideas to include:

Images of a brain and a tree mixed together  (SEE BELOW for IDEAS) I like the image the best. 

 Blue, silver, gold color palette

I’ve attached a couple color palette preferences.

Thank you so much for the help.

We look forward to seeing your ideas!

Have a great day!

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  • I like how it is all filed in minus the face.. can I se it on a business card? #986
    • @jesswoods8 can you extend the contest so I can give you designs on other items what the logo looks like

  • can you change the performance strat. to the blue color you used above the head. Also, I like the glass print but when it goes on paper... it does not look great in sliver... any suggested on how to make it pop on paper as well? #903
    • @jesswoods8 Please check the new concept #1009, thank you.

  • i like your concept but its hard to see the words.... #1004
  • can I see this on a business card? #970
  • I love the leave behind
    the neck! #960
  • can you hurry and show me this one with a different tree trunk --- i like it!!
  • see #964 I like your #957 just would like it to have a different trunk of the tree

  • can you make the trunk more like a tree then a line up to the leaves
  • the best for you #984
  • best woods logo #983
  • the best woods logo :) #982
  • With this design I made a different branch of the tree with the previous design, please check, thank you. #973
  • Thanks for the feedback you provided, please check the design of the repair, thanks. #968
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback, I made the changes, please check. With best wishes, Christina. #948
  • This is so much better. Can you show what it looks like without the outside lower branch in the left side. So that it’s the leave only that are the outline of the brain not the long loopy branchs around the head on each side?? #940
  • I like the outside circle but the trunk of the tree is off. It looks like a road. I like your other trunk but not this ones also can you change the font of the Woods? Thank you #943
  • is there a specific style of font that you prefer? and do you only like the letter to be linear like in the example?
  • I like your design but the leaves I feel there are too many... see #833 and #804 as examples. Also I liked it better without the top of the outline of the brain... #905
  • can you show what this looks like on a business card #906
  • About #759, @Nayla_Art Check and feedback please, thanks.