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Amazed at all the designs I received. It was very easy to communicate changes on the fly. Thank you!

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Winning design #159 by Squewheet, Logo Design for Gastropub logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Squewheet

Project description

Opening a restaurant/bar named Madden's Gastropub. The name comes from my partners daughter Madison that passed when only a child and my Father Dennis that recently died as well. The restaurant is a causal dining experience with top quality food and drinks. My partners current eatery has a chef design we were hoping to incorporate into the new design, but freshen it up. It's basically a outline of a chef stirring a pot. Would be open to seeing it with knives or knife and fork instead. Possibly work design into middle of name Madden's since its 2 separate names as one. We don't have to have the chef design just wanted to see some option with it. Would really like to see some original stuff that comes to your mind when you think of a comfortable place to hang out, eat and drink!

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  • I like the concept. Can we see it in some different colors?
  • You did a good job of making the old restaurant logo design work in this. Would like to find a way to bring the letters together and still have a logo in the middle. Gastropub should be one word.
  • I like the design. Would prefer to see Madden's more at one word so it's less confusing to the customer. Possibly with the 2 D capital.
  • Hello Contest Holder, Please accept my proposal for your logo, submissions #1 and #2. Any feedback on style, color, lettering would be also helpful. Thankyou.
  • You are not allowed to use clip art/third party images in logo contest. The art you used is found here: _
  • Madden's with an E please
  • Hello CH, this is my design logo #57 for your job. I hope you like. Thank you.
  • About #41 #42 & #43 I have made a nice simple design. I hope you like the design and if you would like to see anything change then just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • This is a nice revision, but I do not like the font for Maddens
  • nice design. What about a beer mug in the middle?
    • thank you, i think is a great idea i do this and repost soon !

    • like a beer mug with the foam on top and a handle and maybe another design with a martini glass in the middle.

  • You are not allowed to use clipart/third party images in logo contests. The art you used is found here: _
  • I would get rid of the hat and fork and make maddens larger than gastropub. Also maybe a beer ot Martini rather than wine glass.
  • i dont think the chefs hat is necessary in this design.
  • Dear CH! Thanks for your feedback. If would you like to change anything on design (#18) do not hesitate to send me information.
  • nice design. Capital ds ok, but want one word.
  • Want to stay with one word
  • thats a cute idea, but we dont want to split the names. want people to read it as one word.
  • Dear, CH. I've submitted the design #23. what do you think about it?
  • Look nice. Can we do no mustache and a somewhat more detailed hat?
  • Dear CH, Please let from your attention apart #14, #16. (type mistakes) I draw your attention #17