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Winning design #105 by friendnand, Logo Design for Gator Athletic Surfaces  Contest
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designed by friendnand

Project description

We are a speciality flooring/surfacing company that is creating separate category specific brands underneath of our main brand "Perfect Surfaces". The first sub-brand we are creating is our Sports Brand "Gator ". Gator will specialize in flooring for athletic facilities such as commercial and home gyms, hockey arenas, sports courts, yoga studios, sports stadiums, workout areas, etc.. A large majority of the products used in these applications are rubber based. We are hoping to incorporate a "Gator" somehow, whether it is a gator tail, the mouth of a gator, gator skin, etc.  We are looking for fresh ideas but also hoping to somewhat tie in our "Perfect Surfaces" logo/brand into the new "Gator" brand/logo. Again we want something new and different for sure but if there is a subtle way to tie them together it would be nice. Lastly we will be creating 2-3 more sub-brands in the future so we would like to keep that in mind when designing this logo. We would like to work with the successful designer to create the other brands at a later date.

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  • Revision#115 #117
  • Revision#115 #116
  • @info193
    Gator eye is formed from the letter "g"

    Regards #115
  • Check and feedback please...

    Thank you... #90
  • Check and feedback please...

    Thank you... #89
  • Check and feedback please...

    Thank you... #84
  • Check and feedback please...

    Thank you... #83
  • Check and feedback please...

    Thank you... #82
  • how about this #81
  • What do you think about #76 and #77 ?
    Hope you like these ! Thanks.
    • @ronleeperry Im still not sure about the "O" in Gator. Can you make the "O" look like the "O" in #39 or #40?

  • hi, thanks for feedback. of course i will try to change it immediately About #54, @berrinovian
  • please check #51
  • Hi, this is my concept for your requirements. please give me feedback for better design. regards :) #50
  • Thanks for your submissions. Can we please try a couple small changes? Can we make the "Gator" green and "Athletic Surfaces" grey as well as make "Athletic Surfaces" the same length as Gator. Lastly can we try using the puzzle piece with the swirl from the "perfect Surfaces" logo in the "O" instead of what is there. Thanks in advance #10
    • @info193 ok no problem, please check my revised design at #45 #46 #47 #48 #49, thanks

  • Thanks for my immediate suggestion of working and returning with new entry CH
  • hi there. my design concept is an eye of the gator incorporated for the G. please check. thank you #33 #34
    • @friendnand We do like the look however it may be too difficult for everyone to see that this is an eye Thanks

    • @info193 i think some great logos have some hidden meanings too. it's always good if it can surprise. people. besides, it bears the G in the first place. thank you

  • We like the puzzle piece on the right and the eye in the "O" but not wild about the tire on the left or the font. Could we please change the font to be more like #10 or #7 and eliminate the tire? #38
    • @info193 Of course! The icon on the left was suppose to be a tail, but I see how it looks like a tire. I'll take it out. Thanks for the feedback.

  • This one is less simple that #37, but I worked in the original logo. I also added an alligator eye and snout. #38