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Winning design #167 by finestroke, Logo Design for geekStack Wordmark Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by finestroke

Project description

Hey there, I need a logo for a new online platform. The platform is a place where a person, who is a specialist on a certain field and wants to spread his knowledge, can publish articles. Its name is geekStack. The logo will be used on the webpage and on the business cards. I know you all are creative people, but I have some kind of logo in mind which I am unable to design on my own: The logo should be a wordmark without any major shapes around it. But it should somehow be remarkable and not just a plain text. So do some nice stuff with one or more letters to make it unique. About the colors: The website is grey (#2b2b2b) and green (#76a51a). The logo is placed on a white background.

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  • Really nice work. Nothing to complain about.
  • I like this logo. But I'm missing something remarkable.
  • Thanks for these variations. But I still like #7 the most. It looks really nice.
  • #7 Thanks for the feedback. #12 #14 are just font variations. feel free to comment... Jctoledo
  • Cool idea. I like it!
  • scratch that! They are #80 and #81. No 82...yet. ;) LOL Dina
  • #81 and #82 are very similar. I wasnt very happy with the spacing of my letters, as I feel your logo should be more compact and legible, without so much spacing between each letter. Only difference with the two newest entires is in the second I made the "c" in normal position. Will await feedback for any changes, updates, etc. :) dina
  • CH, hey there! Just wanted to offer an explanation of my latest entry. I wanted to show you an example of what an IPhone or Android button could look like. I know it is not just a wordmark, but it is a quick look into possible future designs as your company expands. :) Dina
  • Hey, I still like #26 best, because of the very precise spacing of the letters and the perfectly matching shapes. This is a high quality work. Maybe you could try some variations on this one, since it's still one of my favorites.
  • I have uploaded #71 and #73. You will see the "eyes" added into #71. In #73 I compacted the glasses more, and used my reflected "e"'s. Feedback is welcome. :) dina
  • Only difference between #62 and #63 is the location of "Stack". I wanted a layer feel with "geek". Dina
  • CH, Thanks for your feedback! I am glad you like #61. I did move the glasses to integrate with the other letters. I also submitted #62, where I made the"e"'s look like the glasses. Feedback? :) Dina
  • Wow, great idea. Even though I don't think the glasses fit perfectly in there, I really really like the letters g and S. That looks awesome and is remarkable. Could you try a version without the glasses?
  • First of all: I really appreciate all your effort whilst designing. Thank you :) @wengcharl & #43, #44 I like the concept of #43. I definitely gonna think about it. I haven't really decided yet which one is the best. @arfelkaven & #45 This one is crazy :D I looks funny and very creative. But I'm looking for something a little more serious. @Cristinenovo & #49 The idea of using different fonts is good. Maybe try some other ones, since the letter spacing looks a little inhomogeneous. @BenONE37 & #51 This looks good!
  • Hi CH, Just uploaded entry #51. This is a custom designed 'pixel' font to link to the computer/geek theme. Hope to hear from you. Thanks
  • Dear CH, please check my design #49....hoping to write me your feedback..thank you
  • Hi CH.. Good day! Can you please see my Entry. #45 i would appreciate any feedback about it. thank you.
  • About #43 and #44 Hi Ch, Here is my concept. Hope this works now. Thanks wengcharl
  • Good idea! I like these shapes.
  • Dear SimPleTonixsss, thank your for your design #39. It looks quite nice, but I think the thin stripes are recognizable enough.