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designed by mmkdesign

Project description

Gem Coating represents a revolutionary advance in paint protection. An exclusive, permanent ceramic coating imparts a color enhancing gloss while protection exterior surfaces for the Lifetime of new cars, and up to 10 years on used cars.

Like no other product, Gem Coating provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance.

Gem Coating was designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for an exceedingly rich and glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist elements and protect for the lifetime of your car.

Gem Coating’s composite structure offers the ultimate in ceramic protection plus the same slick finish and candy like gloss as the very best waxes.

Gem Coating blankets your vehicle in a glossy shell of ceramic protection that enhances all colors. Black will appear deeper; red will pop with bright reflections; white and silver will appear as if dipped in glass.

Gem Coating will make your car shine stronger than it ever has. Relentless water beading and the self-cleaning effect will keep your car looking great in between washes.

The cost of maintaining your vehicle is decreased due to less maintenance being required to keep the exterior looking clean and shiny. Gem Coating withstands repeated car washes without wearing thin for true long-term protection.

Gem Coating will repel dirt, oil, dust, and road grime to provide incredible ease of care.

We are looking for a royal, high end looking logo. I am leaning toward either a top of the gem view or an entire side view with either lettering or initials on it . My second choice is the look of the letter G or the entire word Gem as an element on a chart. But I am open to other great ideas you may have.

Thank you in advance

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