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Winning design #107 by wt21046, Logo Design for Generation 1  Contest
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designed by wt21046

Project description


The brand will start with apparel but will grow into more so the logo has to be versatile to a range of areas such as a gym, sponsorship, clothing etc.. The brand is about inspiration and a family of like minded people. Thinks about how the logo will primarily fit on a t-shirt and a website. 

A new generation of individuals that will look to the brand to find inspiration. The logo has to be minimalist as it needs to be printed relatively small on t-shirts so try not to make it to dense with thin lines. Keep it simple, smart and unique. 

See the attached photo of a logo I have designed. I feel like its on the right track but needs development. refer to it if you must or come up with something new. It doesn't necessarily have to have a barbell. Try not to use the generic animal logos as its been over used and doesn't show originality. The logo has to show elements of luxury, pride and a high standard. Please refrain from using bold ugly jagged fonts. Keep the fonts clean and easy like "Halis GR" or even arial. try not to use serif fonts. It needs to be clean and easy. 

The logo needs to be symbolic and have meaning behind it. It should show STRENGTH, connectivity through FAMILY and a have powerful impact through a relatable symbol such as armour, a barbell or something to tie it to the strength and wholeness of this brand's meaning. Try go for something a bit abstract rather than just manipulating the first letter. Use inspiration from Fitness and Health, the future, symbols of strength through unity. Plenty of logo's are through letterform. Try to create a new symbol like the swoosh or the under armour logo that shows the above.

PLEASE REFER TO MY ATTACHED DESIGN AND SEE IF YOU CAN DEVELOP THAT FURTHER. My symbol is a representation of the PHI symbol whit is the greek symbol. The first three letters of my name "Phi". The barbell represents strength and fitness. Circles also represent unity and family. But the shape of the circle is not just completely round. It has hierarchy to it. 

Lastly try not to recreate the first letter into a logo too much. I need the symbol to be more unique from the name so it has to stand separate from the name Generation 1. 

Thanks so much

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  • Hi there would you be able to simplify this? I think it might be a bit too busy to look at. Like the form though. I like the combination of linearity and some elements of curve #201
  • About #65, @hbkanil007 Hi there would you be able to develop this for Generation 1. If you can put a 1 or a barbell of some sorts in the middle I would love to see the symbol.
  • Hi there would you be able to make the shape a bit more linear? I really like the abstractedness. Very Good! I look forward to seeing the development #195
  • Hi there would you be able to combine the shield with one of you earlier designs ie design #127. so translate the barbell onto the shield in someway. I don't really like the letters inside the shield too much #194
  • Would you be able to change the outer circle to a more linear shape other than a circle? #200
  • Kindly check my proposal hope you like and feedback #201
  • If you have any questions or design changes, please let me know.

    fcurtis #199
  • Very good. Is there potentially a different outer shape that you can use to symbolise unity aswell? Maybe something sharper and more linear? ie symbolic of armour #185
  • Idea is same from my previous entry. Curled using brute strength. Also, logo has a hidden g shape. I also incorporated the infinite symbol which may symbol infinite health, strength, vitality. #189
  • great! Can I see what it would look like if the barbell was vertical? and can you take out the small bits on the left and right hand side that "complete" the circle? Thanks so much #169
  • kindly check my new proposal hope you like #170
  • Like the idea. Would you be able to simplify the letter maybe to be easier to print? Thanks #160
  • very good. Can you thicken the line of the barbell and create a hierarchy with the outer circle perhaps to give it some depth by have the upper and lower part thicker and the left and right sides thinner. :)) #162
  • hope you like this one #161
  • how about this one CH hope you like #158
  • Kindly check my updates and feedback #157
  • how about this one CH #156
  • Yes! Very good. would you be able to change the line weight of the very thin lines for printing preferences. And is there a way that the dumbell can maybe be placed inside the circlular design? very good
  • I like the armour. Would you be able to incorporate the barbell into it somehow?
  • See if you can develop an idea based of design #65 for generation 1 with a barbell that is very minimalistic and powerful in the centre #147
    • About #147, @phillipnaude10 I'll put that on hold for now.. Need to go home, but will conceptualize more at home. Tomorrow will present the designs. Thanks

    • @dirk_arago Thank you so much this is really helping me you are a great designer!