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Winning design #183 by Babba, Logo Design for GeneRISK Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Babba

Project description

GeneRISK is a cutting edge research project, that aims to translate genomic information to clinical practice and better disease prevention. The project will begin in 2015 by studying cardiovascular diseases, and continue with other disease areas until at least 2035. The logo will be used widely in our communication materials with the media and research participants, including on our recruiting materials, websites, posters, press releases, information videos and digital services. 

The main purpose of the logo is to instill a sense of trust and safety/security in the participants. (Note: there is no danger in taking part in the study. The only risks involved are related to taking 2 simple blood tests from every participant). Ideally the logo would also be sufficiently modern, that it would demonstrate that this is a cutting edge research project, that can change the future of preventative healthcare in Finland and beyond. 

The logo should say GeneRISK. If you so wish, you can also include a slogan "Genomeista terveyttä" (translation: "Genomes to health"). It should however be possible to also use the logo without the slogan. We are also considering the use of different language versions for the logo ("GeeniRISKI" in Finnish) and slogan ("Genomes to health" in English). 

General feedback
1. your soft blue/turquise/maroon/purple/etc colors feel more "trust"-inducing than bright orange/red/pink/etc colors
2. really fancy fonts can often seem like you're "trying too hard" (Finns are quite modest people; perhaps refer back to the most simple google font library)
3. graphics should be related to our research topic (e.g. genomes and population health - rather than the heart or a random picture)
4. ideally our cutting edge genomic research logo has moved one step into the future from the DNA double helix, which was discovered in the 1950s. A leading logo (which we naturally do not want you to copy!) in our field of research is, which draws on the data analysis tools used in genomic research. Please also check out the attached image and the following website for inspiration/information on the tools we use:
5. graphics cannot show DNA "breaking down" in any way (current + signs etc should be removed)
6. graphics cannot look like viruses or bacteria (risk for circular designs!) and should avoid associations with plants or animals as our research is on humans

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  • This was the winner of our decision making this morning. Is there any chance to have a version of this with "Genomeista terveyttä" in bigger font size (old ladies will have trouble seeing this font size & style - we preferred the font size/clarity in our 2. best option, #143). Also, I assume the font is in google fonts, so we can write the slogan in english if needed (or remove it altogether)? #159
    • About #159, @http://linda.laatikainen
      Hello Linda,
      please see the new revisions #183 & #184. They have different taglines - both have bigger font, regular and bold (both languages). One tagline is in blue and grey, so you can see which one would you prefer more. It can be changed if you like.
      Regarding the head - everything is alright in original files, but sometimes when I transfer into Photoshop with certain size, pixels get lost in the circles.
      Please remember once you choose the winner you will have additional 7 days to work on minor changes. Also, client will get all the source file per request as suitable.
      Let me know if need anything else.

      Best regards

  • I zoomed into the graphic and realized that the head is missing the top edge. Could you please make sure in the final version the circle is a full circle? Thanks! #159
  • This did not come in our top 3 for tomorrow, though it has all the right elements. The reason is still that the graphic is too complicated with too much content... #101
    • Hello Linda:

      Thanks for your feedback. I make my last try in #176 to make the logo very simple and implement a new concept idea and try keep all the elements. The idea is: "the team work to take care of the people", represented by the simplified graphic of a genome research that at the same time is a team colaborating for the society (represented too for the same people that colaborates). The top of the graphic is the double helix that make possible the research and all the graphic is an a G. If you still want to see any change just let me know... There is always time


      [ JOBZ ]

  • This logo is now in our top 3. However, could you please make the following changes before tomorrow's final decision making: 1) Capital "G" in GeneRISK 2) Softer edges within the DNA double helix. The current edges look like lightning, which could instill fear/worry in the participants 3) OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Is there an option to also make a version of this, that has more than 1 person, e.g. 3 heads? We would probably choose the logo with 1 head, but it would be good to have the option.. (Also, please note that our team really liked your design #54, but the font there was not good enough, the color a little too trendy and the visual looked more like an "f" than a "G".) #102
    • About #102, @http://linda.laatikainen Dear Linda, thank you very much for your kind feedback. I am working on the changes and I shall get back with revisions. Best regards

    • @http://linda.laatikainen
      Hello Linda,
      I have uploaded design revisions. I am sorry if it looks like I am spamming with number of newest submissions, but they are all a bit different when it comes to DNA double helix and number humans. I avoided sharp edges as lighting, in order to give a closer look to the helix. Helix rotations and gap between them are different. Please take a look at: #159, #160, #161, #162, #163, #164 & #165.
      Regarding my entry #54, the only way to avoid the "f" (and "airplane image") and not to cut the flow of the DNA , was to have like "hidden G". Please see entries #175 & #174 (different colors showed) & #166 with different double helix.
      I am hoping you will consider these new designs.

      Please let me know if you need any other changes.

      Best regards

  • people have to be here in this logo. Its my vision - its yours company. The most are important thing its people. #144
  • About #140, @Junseiyu Text looks good now, but graphic change was not as hoped. Compared to the last "fish" version, you decreased the amount of spin/twist on the DNA double helix. This was not the idea. Could you please INCREASE the amount of spin? Thank you!
  • Though these logos are very sophisticated and professional, but give us the feeling of a corporation rather than a "caring" research program. Hence, these are currently not in our top 3 for tomorrow's decision making. #128
  • This logo is now in our top 3 for tomorrow's decision making. However, the DNA double helix in the middle of the circle looks rather like a fish. Perhaps it needs a little more spin to make it look less like a fish. Could you please also add the slogan below the text in visible font size, so we can use the slogan if we so wish. #137
    • Hi CH,
      Thank you for feedback. Please check #140 for the modification on the "fish" and let me know if you need more modifications. Thank you.

  • Really like the DNA & circular graph combo, but any chance to make it more simple (especially for small print)? #101
    • Hello Linda, please take a look at my design #127. I made it more simple. Any feedback would be helpful. KIND REGARDS [ JOBZ ]

  • Thanks for your time #118
  • my logo update... #116
  • This would need some more simplification #89
  • Great Work simplifying the graph and still including the double helix for laymen #105
  • Some people on our team would prefer a "just text" version, which this is a good option for. However, Im not sure what the circles in Gene represent and the dark black Risk makes one feel worried about the project risks.. #110
  • This no longer looks like a virus, but is a little too complex for print. Is it possible to simplify? #113
  • here's another approach. Hope im on track. Good luck. #113
  • logo idea. Feedback and direction is appreciated. Good luck #112
  • my second idea #109
  • first logo idea #108
  • Hello CH, please take a look to my new design where I place the letter G and R ("R"in a more abstracto way).

    I see the update of your brief. I read and see some images about the genome research. I tryed a design based on the image that you uploads, but I think that it can be very confused for the people that doesn't know anything about the genome research and the method that you use and it could be confused with a "stadistic circule graphic" if you try to use it alone. By this reason I try a design that represents clear the idea of take all de info of the genome. Please let me know what you think about it. If you want to see any change, just let me know.


    [ JOBZ ] #95