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Winning design #18 by poetaa92, Logo Design for GeoDom Contest
Gold Medal

designed by poetaa92

Project description

GeoDom LLC is a rental company of apartments and single-family homes, with the goal of providing ample living for all tenants.  We are looking for a logo that will encompass the concept behind the name “GeoDom”. The concept and meaning of the word is that “Geo” means earth/world in Greek and “Dom” means our home in Greek/Latin/Other languages.   Therefore, the combination of the two word roots signifies that the earth/world is our home and our home is the earth/world.   We like the idea of the interconnected circular concept between earth and home: the home is built by materials of the earth and ultimately returns back to earth once we are gone.  We, also, like the idea of incorporating the mainly letters “G” and “D” into the logo as the initials of the name, but are open to incorporating the rest of the word. The colors that we would like are the colors of earth seen from space. 

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  • Hello GeoDom,

    The logos are created to be editable as well as scaled to large sizes while retaining the high quality.

    Since there isn’t much time to do minor modifications we will still do those should you choose our design as winner. Thank you in advance for considering our design.

    I will be awaiting your communication.

    Thank you,

    Thomas Rendleman #142
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