George & Shields, LLP

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Winning design #71 by cipak, Logo Design for George & Shields, LLP Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cipak

Project description

George & Shields, LLP is a small but outstanding business law firm representing start-up to mid-size businesses. We handle litigation, contracts, business transactions and real estate issues. Mr. George will be retiring within the next couple of years and Mr. Shields is interested in a logo which can remain relevant afterwards.

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  • thicker border #104
    • @erilogic very nice copied design and concept....

  • kindly check sir #135 please......
  • please coment me... #115
  • KINDLY CHECK #112..........................
  • Can you get rid of the "," please #102
  • Can you get rid of the "," please #101
  • good evening CH... Thank you for the great ratings.. i uploaded revised design of my entry logo CH.. Feel free to ask for revisions CH.. Thank You...
  • Update shield #103
  • For the top logo: We like the color gradient and the silver border. Please just put the "S" on top of the "G" and take away the two different colors on either half. #74
  • Can you make this look not so flat? We liked the shading of #74, just not the break down the middle with 2 different colors. #95
  • Update position & colors #95
  • Update position & colors #94
  • hello CH kindly check my logo proposal i hope you like it
    thank you:) #93
  • In Re to the top logo: Can you put the "S" on top of the "G" and take away the 2-tone color of the shield so its one solid color with just a border and the highlighting #74
  • Hi CH, need feedback, please #89
  • We like the S being in the forefront. However, can you make the "George & Shields LLP" portion not so much like a banner. Similar to number 65 and 76. the Highlighting on 76 is nice as well #73
    • About #73, @georgeshields ok no problem I will try to fix it , thanks to his input .

    • About #73, @georgeshields PLEASE sir check #83 #84 #85..

  • please coment.... #82
  • Since you've mentioned it in the comments, I used a shield-shape with initials of the 2 people involved. Also used blue as you've requested. Feel free to give suggestions/criticism/feedback regarding my design. #79
  • try a little touch on the logo on the shield. I hope you like it. please contact me immediately, if there might still be a shortage or even errors. thanks #76