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Winning design #228 by Utexxencer, Logo Design for Geppetto Creations Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Utexxencer

Project description

Hi all!

We're building this company from the start. We're starting a trade show booths and build agency, basically it's a trade show agency. Here's the context we believe the logo needs to illustrate:

Primary name: Geppetto Creations / Secondary: Geppetto Trade Shows
Slogan or tagline - Where exhibits come to life

Logo Concept:
The name Geppetto itself already carries within certain solid concepts, such as playfulness, dreams, delicate, transforming the ordinary into something memorable. We want the logo to give this idea: metaphorically speaking, we take a piece of wood (an event idea) and transform it into an unforgettable vivid event (pinocchio).

It's important to mention that we do not want in the logo anything related to wood, woodworking or the actual character pinocchio, but instead, we would like to transpass their ideas: magic, events, dreams, transformation, sparkles, life, moments.

We would like to see bold fonts for the name and light fonts (maybe italic as well) for the tagline. Fonts like Gotham, Work, Helvetica are the style we`re looking for but you can play around.

To try to escape from the wood metaphore, we are certain that we want to catch the client's eye with alive colors, yet representing an elegant aspect of our company. See link for palette >

Chilean Heath (Cream) > #faf9dd
Light Sea Green (Light Teal) > #27BDBE
Surfie Green (Teal) > #00747E
Amaranth > #EF4050
Night Rider (Light Black) > #313030

It's not mandatory to have all the colors in the logo. You can play around the official and dark background version. You can choose 2 of the palette or create your own palette and shades. But we believe these colors can represent us very well.

Here is a little bit about my background and business model.

I have ten years’ experience working internationally as a project manager in the trade show industry. 
Prior to moving to the U.S., I lived and worked in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where for three years I managed international and domestic trade shows for Octaplan.

Five years ago I moved to the U.S. to work for Derse, one of the top 5 exhibit houses in the U.S. During my tenure at Derse, I operated as an international project manager, facilitating U.S. companies’ exhibits in worldwide trade shows. My portfolio included: 3D booth design and concept creation, budgeting and pricing materials based on trends of specific countries, hiring and managing local crews during pre-build as well as onsite supervision, shipping and logistics of all trade show components, handling graphic tendencies and production, AV and technological capabilities and experiential marketing for brand activation. In short, a comprehensive package of turnkey services.

Thanks a lot and good contest!

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    • @elisabet_r_conti The rebate plane (also known as the rabbet plane) is a hand plane designed for cutting rabbets in wood. It's a simple tool used in many Western countries with hundreds of years of history. It was in use in England at least as early as the 11th century. The rebate plane is one of a group of planes, including the shoulder plane, bullnose plane and carriage makers plane, in which the blade protrudes by a very small amount - usually less than half a millimetre - from the sides of the plane body on both sides. The blade is very slightly wider than the body of the plane. The reason for the slight protrusion of the blade is so that the plane body does not bind on the side of the cut, which would result in the side wall of the rabbet not being perpendicular to the bottom. Rebate planes are intended for long grain cutting and are generally set up to remove large amounts of material quickly. The mouth is set quite coarsely to allow large chips to be removed. There are a few variations of this plane, including the duplex rebate plane, which has two locations for the blade: one in the middle of the body for normal cutting and one at the front to allow cutting into corners. In the latter mode, the duplex rebate plane is similar to a bullnose plane. The rebate plane commonly has a depth stop and a fence, which allows the width and depth of the rabbet to be gauged. They also are commonly equipped with a spur, which is designed to score the wood as the rabbet is cut, giving a cleaner corner. This is particularly valuable when working across the grain.

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    I've tried to do as I have, but if you have
    Anything you want to change, this file is Adobe Illustrator file, trensprante
    Come on, your list of favorites ....... #337
  • Your company logo, following your description,
    I've tried to do as I have, but if you have
    Anything you want to change, this file is Adobe Illustrator file, #336
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