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Winning design #86 by ShiBer, Logo Design for Ghetto Movement Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ShiBer

Project description

Ghetto Movement is a physical performance company focusing on mobility & functional strength and takes influence from calisthenics, gymnastics, yoga and olympic lifting. We encourage an environment of positivity, skill development, health awareness and self improvement for all our clients.

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  • @kurt_ogilvie Please check the design. I understood your brief? If something needs to be changed, please contact me. #75 #76 #77 #78
    • @ThomasZames text looks cool. The silhouettes are also good but not what we are after, we do mobility, gymnastics strength, strength training and some yoga. We are looking for poses like handstands, L-sits, muscle-ups, planches etc...

  • Love #73 & #74. Just as a final request could I see the 'ghetto' text in a slightly different font. The font in #75-#78 looks good. Could you also show me the text & silhouettes together as you have been and also the text and silhouettes separately, I think sometimes we will use the combined logo while other times we will sometimes just use the text and sometimes just the silhouettes. Thanks!
    • @kurt_ogilvie uploaded #86, #87, #88 with the font you asked. (wasn't sure if I was allowed to do that though, I asked DC but they still haven't replied.) As for uploading everything separately... in the finalization part, should you choose my design as a winner, I will of course provide everything separately in various file types. I'm hesitant to do so at this stage, I hope you can understand. :)

    • @ShiBer I understand

  • #86 & #87 look awesome. If you have time, could you show me the text on it's own (without the silhouettes) and the silhouettes on their own, side by side is fine (without the text) #86
  • Really like #67, I think the location and size of the silhouettes is great! Could you please show us what it looks like if we make the text for 'Ghetto' a bit thinner and could you also show us the white on black and the black on white variations. Loving the progress we are making! #67
    • @kurt_ogilvie 67 in B&W #71, #72. With regards to the text being thinner, do you mean try a different font? or stay with this one and make it thinner?

    • @ShiBer I quite like the font but thinner would be good to see. Keep the same font or something similar.

    • @kurt_ogilvie Okay sure, here it is a bit thinner. #73, #74

  • Loving your designs and they are getting better and better. I'd like to just make some subtle changes and see if we can improve things even further. It perhaps just looks a little busy. Could we try a few designs with the same silhouettes but maybe the characters slightly smaller or in different locations across the word 'Ghetto'. Maybe the handstand on top of the 'O' and the meditation on top of the 'G'. Or any other combination you think would work. We are getting very close!! #62
    • @kurt_ogilvie Thanks for the feedback, hope you like these ones : #65, #66, #67

  • About #60, @gunjalo Could you try some different silhouettes/characters instead of the breakdancer - maybe Handstand or L-Sit
  • Love the top design, the bottom character is probably still not quite what we do, we take influence from gymnastics in our training ideas but we are not a gymnastics company. #59
  • I Like this design, we dont do break dancing so I'm not sure about the accuracy of one of your silhouettes.
  • Great improvement, this is starting to look awesome! The only thing I'd like to try adding is a yoga meditation pose (seated, crossed legs, open hands resting on knees). Perhaps we can try this yoga silouhette either seated on top of the 'O' or even seated on the ground immediately after the 'O.' Great work!! #51
    • @kurt_ogilvie #62 & #64

  • I have added a new design with ssome other movements. I hope you like it. #59
  • Really like the simplicity and style of this logo. Could you show us some other silhouette poses. Great work! #47
  • Cool images, I don't love the lettering. And I think the characters slightly misrepresent what we offer, it gives more of a break dancing impression then calisthenics and strength. #48
  • Really like this! Think we can try it without the leaning handstand silhouette and maybe instead place a silhoutte on one of the 'T's' and have it performing an L-Sit #46
    • @kurt_ogilvie Hi, thanks for the feedback, check out #51 & #53 .If there's anything else I can do for you let me know.

  • I hope this design suits You better. Please give me comment. #47
  • I don't mind this creation but it feels a bit too feminine, I feel it might deter male clients. I've uploaded some images of recent logos I've seen that I've liked, they may give you some good direction. #36
  • I quite like your 'ghetto movement's text - single colour is better then the two colours. And I like the style of your silhouettes - could you try some silhouettes separate to the text. I like the weightlifter but would also like to see a handstand, gymnastic rings dips and a seated meditation pose if possible. #32
  • I quite like your ideas, the image might misrepresent what we do, I'd prefer the pose to focus on something like a handstand if possible. I also uploaded some logos/images that I've seen recently that might give you and idea of what things I like. #34
  • About #34, @MargeDesign
    Please give my comment about my design.
    Thank You
  • On the right track, first impression is that it looks like dancing. I'd love to see these kind of characters doing some different exercises / movements / poses #24
  • I like the simplicity of your designs, can you try some where the focus is on calisthenics, gymnastics or yoga rather then a dumbell/barbell/weightlifting #20
    • avo

      About #20, @kurt_ogilvie
      Thank you for your comment ..
      I have revised the logo focuses on yoga gymnastics ..
      What do you think? is there any improvements you want ..? Let me know..

      Thank you.. :)

    • @avo these are getting better, i'd like you to try some with the character doing a handstand and with them using the gymnastics rings. I like the improvements you have made, perhaps the character can be a little more human