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Winning design #117 by HamyDesigns, Logo Design for GIBSON KICKBOXING - MMA - FITNESS - HEALTHBAR Contest
Gold Medal

designed by HamyDesigns

Project description

Greetings from GIBSON KICKBOXING AND MMA We are a professional world class training facility for martial arts and sport conditioning, we are re-designing our logo to have it incorporate all aspects of our services. Our gym has a reputation for highest customer service and level of instruction/training on an international scale. The logo has to reflect this. We do not follow martial arts cliches such as round logos and silhouettes of people punching or kicking. Our previous logos have a professional and classy feel to them with large block fonts that project power and strength. This logo that you will design has to reflect this and match this style. One aspect is the Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts which is the framework of the gym. The second aspect is the HealthBar which serves fresh and healthy food with the vision of healing and recovering the body. ******INSTRUCTIONS****** The logo has include the name GIBSON with the words "KICKBOXING" "MMA" "HEALTHBAR" incorporated into the design in the same font that is provided. The lettering and design has to be strong and bold but classy and professional. The design must *NOT* include a silhouette of a man kicking or other martial arts cliches. The design has to be square format, not a circle. You can incorporate parts of previous logos such as the top half of the Grenade and the same GIBSON font that I have provided for you. Use the previous logos I have provided as a base line for the new design. We are looking for an improvement on the previous logos. Try and incorporate a samurai sword/katana into the design, prefferably horizontally placed under the lettering. You can also include some sort of weight such as a barbell or dumbbell as well into the design. The logo has to have a nice symmetric feel like the previous logos. Please look at our website for more reference to our "feel" and branding. The logo has to project the same feel.

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  • Hi, #5 is my draft proposal: framed in a simple, powerful and yet articulate layout, it features a composed graphic where a katana sword rack is equipped with elements related to your fields of practice: a sword in the middle rung for the martial arts discipline, a barbell on the top rung for the physical fitness activity and an oblong vegetable (here an eggplant, but it could be a zucchina, a carrot or other item) in the lower rung to symbolize the HealthBar resource. The fonts are solid and bold and the text spells out the various disciplines. On top of the main text, I've arranged the silhouette of a kickboxer that I've based on one of your website photos, and that can be changed into your grenade graphic or something else. A few possible color combos are shown as examples. I'm ready for your feedback and eventual requests.
    • Fabio, thank you for your submission you are on the right track. Please have a look at the brief as I have updated the instructions. I'm looking forward to your future submissions yours is the best one so far!

    • Great, will do. ____________________________________________________________________

  • Hi Contest Holder, in previous description you wanted samurai & barbell in the logo, now it's edited, do you still want them in the logo?
    • Blumoon, yes you can still incorporate them into the logo. Please read the brief as I have updated the instructions. Thank you!

  • Hi. #12 is a reworked concept of my first draft, with changes according to the brief update. I've modified my close font choice to match the main "GIBSON" text even better, but if you'd like me to use the exact styled text just let me know. The "MMA" tag within the "N" of "GIBSON" can also be lifted from the main text since "MMA" also appears as body text. The vegetable/healthy food item on the "training specialties rack" element that centers my graphic can be varied according to your taste (it could be a stylized bundle of leafy stems or something even more symbolic). The GIBSON Grenade is partially offset past the layout margings for an edgy look. Entry #13 is an alternatively colored and arranged layout with more text visibility and solid look. All the elements are workable and adjustable, just like for #12. This reworked version, #15, has a simpler and still impactful layout, featuring a crossed katana sword and barbell with a stylized GIBSON Grenade at the center. The texts are uniformly distributed within a solid framing. Let me know what you think.
    • 12 and 13 are a good star. The MMA needs to be more ledgible, if could match the exact font or find a better one that would be excellent. Lets try a version with no sword rack or barbell and enlarge the grenade so it is in the background of GIBSON. I feel like the sword rack overpowers the rest of the logo so it needs to be reduced and cleaned up. Thanks! Awesome start so far!

    • Sweet: how about these 3 new versions: #23 and #24, which has a "pop relief" MMA tag? Version #25 also features a katana sword as the grenade lever. The 4-pronged star elements indicate your specialties (MMA, Kickboxing, Fitness, Healthbar), but it's just a suggestion. Also, more text can be added besides "KICKBOXING" and "HEALTHBAR" under "MMA".

  • Good morning from India I have a request can you please make the contest blind. Thanks
    • Hey wbeehive I am looking forward to your submission! The contest will not be available as blind as the instructions are very strict as to what the logo should look like. I wish you best of luck!

    • Hello, I'm working on the logo based on your guidelines. Will submit the design soon. Thanks&Regards

  • Hi CH! I uploaded my first logo, it's #17 . Please let me know what you think, any changes you want to see on it, please tell me. Best regards
  • I like your creativity. Could we move the kickboxing down to the bottom and put mma and healthbar underneath the kickboxing. There is no longer a need for "fitness" so that can be taken off the design. I would like to see a version without the dumbell weights with just the sword. Also try and superimpose the original grenade in the background behind the text. Thanks!!
    • #11 hi, ive just uploaded some changes on the design. let me know what you think about them. thank you

  • hi! i think it will be better if you make the contest guaranteed...
  • The font looks great and the samura sword looks good as well. Im looking forward to your future submissions, please have a look at the Brief as I have updated the instructions.
  • Thank you for your submission iSVdesign but there are numerous changes that have to be made. We do not use blue in our branding whatsoever. GIBSON has to be a much stronger and bolder font, such as the one I have provided. Kickboxing MMA Healthbar is not legible and needs to be bigger. Please refer to the older logos and use them as a base for improvements.
  • Hello, Please view design #30 and #31. Waiting for your feedback. Thanks&Regards
    • Thanks for your submissions WBEEHIVE. Lets go forward with 31 and improve upon it. We need to clean it up and reduce the amound of weights on the edges, perhaps take them off all together. The logo needs more of a minimal feel. GIBSON needs to be larger as shown in the previous logos which im sure you are aware of. KICKBOXING MMA HEALTHBAR need to be seperated by dots and placed in a straight line across, superimposed above the design of the grenade! Thanks!

    • Hello, I have submitted design #34 and #35. I have a query. You will be printing the logo on T-shirt so do you want me to use gradient? As per my view solid colors will work best and satisfy both visual and printing medium. Waiting for your feedback. With Regards

    • #34 is on the right track! Try and vertically compress GIBSON by about 25% and perhaps add a few more lines and detail to the grenade.

    • Hello, I have submitted design #48, #50 and #68. Please view and know me your response. Thanks&Regards

  • Hey, the GIBSON with the sword looks great now! Lets make the other wording more visible and bolder in one straight line. As to the grenade i would like you to use the upper half as shown in the old logo. Your GIBSON lettering is the in the top 3 and the way you incorporated the sword is also pushing you forward towards the win so lets keep those two going. Thanks! KICKBOXING MMA HEALTHBAR should be imposed right underneath or right above GIBSON either imposed over the grenade or between the grenade and GIBSON as a divider, but it has to be large and bold enough so it is readable. Thanks!
    • Hello again! I made all the changes you proposed, it's the proposal #47 , hope you like it! For any changes please tell me. Thank you, best regards

  • That looks great Fabio, lets remove the green corners and move the kickboxing and healthbar up higher. I would like to see a version where KICKBOXING MMA AND HEALTHBAR are in one line right underneath GIBSON. Good work so far! Lets make it a little more minimal.
    • Yes sir, here's a newly restyled version per your instructions: #38, with filter effects on top and without in the bottom bar's contrast versions. Let me know how you like it.

    • Ok lets take away the bevel and emboss, please make the MMA the same size and lettering as the KICKBOXING and HEALTHBAR, also there is no need for a border around the logo.

    • Sure, here's a further stripped down version with those changes, which keeps the brand image but packs it in a cool and impactful new layout: #46.

  • Hi CH, Thank you for the feedback, I have produced entry #36, #37. Comments most welcome. Regards SJK
    • Hey SJKELLY #36 is on the right track but we need to fine tune a few things. GIBSON needs to be a blockier stronger font, the grenade can be removed as it does not fit the logo. Please REMOVE "fitness" from the logo as stated in the brief. The order of words should be KICKBOXING * MMA * HEALTHBAR. The sword looks great!

    • Thank you for the feedback, please find a revised entry #40, #41. Hope this is more to your liking. Regards SJK

    • On the right track, but now the font is too rounded. Please use a strong square font. If you cannot find the same font as used in the original logo then try and change the percentage of the horizontal and vertical values to the fonts until it looks good. Thanks.

  • About #33 Hi TEAMGIBSONMMA, i've tried to make the changes you pointed out giving more visibility to the "kick,mma,health" words and looking for a font more like the original which sadly i couldnt find the exact one but ive chosen a new one pretty close. I can use the the word GIBSON you provided but when it comes to write "kick,mma,health" i will have to use another font :/ do you get the dilema? Btw, would you possibly know the exact font you have used on your first logo? I've included as u asked 2 B&W designs for printing matters, which can be changed to any other 2 tone design (like greenish). I've done another two variations of the design aswell as the little G logos (which i don't even really know if you would like to use it too or not :p) anyother matter please tell me, Thanks XicO
  • Those of you with whom I have communicated with are in the top 5! I am looking forward to your future submission as this contest is coming to a close in just under 3 days! Keep up the good work you are on the right track but I would like to see what you can come up with.
  • also KICKBOXING MMA HEALTHBAR needs to be more visible on the logo. You can use a two tone version which will simplify the printing of T SHIRTS as well
    • |--|

      teamgibsonmma {*wrote*}:
      also KICKBOXING MMA HEALTHBAR needs to be more visible on the logo. You can use a two tone version which will simplify the printing of T SHIRTS as well
      |--| Since there are 3 variations of the design, could you specify the one that fits ur needs better? thank you

    • Xico, i am talking specifically about the first one, but the other ones as well could be bigger. Thanks! Looking forward to your future submissions you're in the top 3.

  • Hi Team Gibson, Please find my entry #26, #27, #28, #29. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
    • I like your rendering of 26 and 27, but unfortunately we are sliding away from that sort of look, we need something more clean and professional looking, thank you.

  • great font it looks strong. Try putting "KICKBOXING (DOT) MMA (DOT) HEALTHBAR" underneath the GIBSON in a stronger more visible bold font. Perhaps a samurai sword underneath that and half the original grenade logo over GIB in GIBSON. good start!
    • Thanks for your feedback. I made that changes, please check #32 . Regards

  • Good work so far but i feel like the barbells overpower the rest of the logo.
  • Best design so far! See if you can use a font more like the original. I like your creativity great work!