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We need logo redesign for health care company, our current logo is 15 years old and was created by novice.  We need a new logo that somehow incorporates family medicine, urgent care, but especially occupational medicine in the copper mining industry (that's worker's comp).  The majority of our patients are copper miners and having a logo that would catch their attention, along with the rest of the community, would be ideal. The logo could also be related to desert Southwest (Arizona and New Mexico).  I'm attaching our current logo which definitely needs the upgrade; the colors for our current logo seem to work well, but we wouldn't be opposed to changing.

Update 11/7/18: Prefer the words "Gila Health" to be the same size font, and "Resources" to be smaller font.  Also, prefer the logo to be long & wide, rather than tall.

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  • Different font in "Health" #427
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  • About #407, @masnau . Thank you for the changes to the colors and putting it not in caps. I would still like the font of Gila Health to be larger--I would like the G to be almost as tall as the cross. Also, can you try the color scheme and font from this logo online?
  • I like the 2nd & 3rd fonts. Is there a matching font in Word by chance, so when we create documents the font would match with the logo?
    A couple of edits: can you make Gila Health not be in caps? Can you make it larger and the "Resources" smaller? (Keep Resources in caps). Also, can you make the blue in Gila Health the same color at the cross? And can you make "Resources" the same color as the people? #377
    • @jhman23 Refer to #377, #407 here some explanation and changes. 1) both design is the 2nd (upper one) use the font where usually MS Word has and I think you can match in Word (I think it is a free font). The 3rd (below one) is using premium font. I will tell you the name later. 2) Gila Health revised into Title Case and larger. The color changed the same as the cross. (although the cross has gradient color, but I choosed the most similar one. If you think different, let me know!). 3) Resources is smaller and the color changed the same to the people.

      Thankyou and Enjoy.

  • If you would like any changes feel free to ask. #404
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    any feedback will be very appreciated

    thank you #399
  • hello

    this is my entry
    any feedback will be very appreciated

    thank you #398
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  • I hope you like it, thanks #383
  • Thanks for making the changes. Can you give some different font options for "Gila Health" #367
    • @jhman23 refer to #367 please check #377 and #378. There are 6 other option of fonts

  • please guide me thank you #370
  • please give me responds thanks #369
  • Can you move the small dots to appear to be coming out of the tips of the axe? Can the dots be copper color, like #9? Can you move the 3 people around to go from shortest to tallest, left to right? Can you make "Resources" green colored and use a similar font to #299? #352
    • @jhman23 thankyou for your comment and feedback. You can check #366 and #367. Let me know if you need changes.

  • Hi, I have a logo idea that I think is appropriate, hope you are happy to use it, thank you #365
  • Hi, I have a logo idea that I think is appropriate, hope you are happy to use it, thank you #364
  • GHR #361
  • Can you make Gila Health the same size font with "Resources" in smaller font? #336