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Winning design #217 by soma_art, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by soma_art

Project description

Hello designers, I need a logo for a new website and business. is a new site I'm building that allows females to monetize their social networking fans.  It allows their followers to pay to contact them.  

The logo should prominently feature the website name.  Although it does contain the word "girl" it is not for kids.  Just the opposite.  A sophisticated lady should respect the logo and feel good about being associated with it. 

In a past business, I noticed that Pink looks really good on black or rich gray.   The colors are simply a suggestion, and feel free to adjust the shades of any of them.   Pink seems like a logical element to imply female but I have a completely open mind on the colors.  thank you. 

FYI, this contest runs over the weekend, and I will be checking in and giving feedback every day of the contest.   For the deliverable I want the photoshop.psd file.  I need this in photoshop please.  No other format.  If that is an issue just let me know.  Awesome, good luck!!

*** update Late Sat night 3/4/17.  
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#98 entry from facer
#94 entry from callimcnam..
#34/33 Oliviakonys

Although i like these, they don't blow me away.  New designers should feel free to jump in.  Over two days left.  Here are some ideas i have not seen that may be good.  I know i said "sophisticated" but the use of devil horns and a devil tail might work in the right logo.  Maybe something with a "damask" pattern.  (This is very hard to implement in a logo tho. )  More shiny letters, more lacy, frilly, girly fonts....  Thanks for all your hard work.  It is really appreciated!  

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  • castelmail and rapunzel concept #222
  • Just wanted to let you know i got alot of positive feedback on this. I don't feel like it matches my website tho. Thanks for the different approach, very cool. #104
  • Thanks once again your wonder full result. keep happy and good luck. thanks. #214
  • pink colour bubble. #212
  • with drop shadow! #211
  • Thanks for your suggestion. check like this. #209
  • Hi Facer, I need ONE bubble that is longer/bigger and goes over the top of the "e" in ".me" Make one logo with a black background and one with a gray background. Look at #174 and #94. Make this your final submission. thanks. #176
  • The dot needs to be the same width as the pink line please. (as tall as the word "ME") #174
  • The dot needs to be the same width as the pink line please. (as tall as the word "ME") #174
  • hi presenting a simple design possibility for you, hope you will like it #187
  • hope u like it #183
  • how about this? #180
  • how about this? #177
  •, revisi #174
  • Thanks once again wonderful feedback for me.
  • About #124, @Facer make 1 and 2 separate entries when you fix bubble. Need final version in next 12 hours. thanks,
  • add pink dot here. Same width as pink line. #141
    • oke, thank you....i will fix.
      About #141, @jake100

  • We need a pink dot the same width as the pink line in front of the "me". Also, make the "me" bigger/thicker. #141
  • Ok this is gaining momentum!! #141
  • cute use of tail... not strong enough on its own. thanks for participating. #153