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We were very pleased with and the experience. We had almost 400 logo entries and we are very satisfied with the winning entry. We will definitely use again if we ever need a new logo for a project.

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Winning design #353 by SiPilyo, Logo Design for GiveChat Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SiPilyo

Project description

GiveChat is a modern online celebrity auction that raises money to benefit charities. The concept being an auction to meet/chat with a celebrity which raises/gives money to charity. We think would like to incorporate the name "GiveChat" into the logo in some way. We also have a slogan "Give to Fans. Give to Charity." that can be incorporated into the logo as well, if it can be done in a way that keeps the logo clean, sleek and modern. Inclusion of the slogan is optional. We want the logo to look very modern and sleek. Cleaner and simpler is sometimes better to accomplish this, but we are open to your creativity. Our primary colors are blue and black/dark grey with orange being a secondary color. We are open to incorporating orange into the logo, but we want blue and black/dark grey as the primary colors. We would like for the logo to be useable on a white or dark background (open to two different color schemes if needed to accomplish this). Do not be limited to the specific shades of blue and/or orange indicated, but these are the general shades of those colors that we like.

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  • Dear CH, please check my 1st entry all version of logos i hope you liky design & ideas appreaciated feedback thanks
  • Dear CH, I've submitted #81 for your review. Kindly let me know if i should make more changes in such a way that it would appeal to you better . Thank you ,Cheru
    • Thanks for submitting, Cheru. I like your idea of incorporating a simple G/C together, but the logo as a whole looks a little too oriental. Not sure if that helps at all, but those are my initial thoughts.

  • Dear Ch, I've submitted #69 and #70 for your review. Thank you ,Cheru
    • i haven't added the tag line.will add it . review my logo . i've integrated a heart,chat symbol and a heart .

  • I like how you tried to interlock the letters in the logo. Do you have any other ideas that interlock the "G" and "C"?
    • amazing design ................................. Adwa

  • Dear CH, I have submitted #74 for your review. Thank you, DM
  • please check out #64 its design is unique, different from the others
  • You have a very unique design. Any other ideas?
  • Do you have any design ideas like this but just not a "heart". I like the look you we're going for but I'm not a huge fan of hearts.
  • I like the simplicity of your logo. Any other simple image ideas that you could incorporate into this same/similar font and simplicity.
  • We would be interested to see some other font styles with this logo. We would also like to see what it would look like without the slogan.
  • Can you make the logo look more like a "G"?
  • Your portfolio is impressive. Do you have any other edgy ideas based on the logos we have rated the highest so far? We just want a little more modern.
  • I'm intrigued by your abstract logo. Any more abstract ideas that incorporate the "G" and "C" more into the logo?
  • Can you change the "G" just a little on this one to make it look more like a "G"?
  • Can you change the font so we can see if we like it better. Like the look just don't care for the font
  • To all Designers: We see that some of you are using "light grey" as a complimentary color. We are definitely open to designs with with that color.
  • We are intrigued by your design. Could you change the words "Fans" and "Charity" to orange to see how that looks?
    • YAD

      hello ch, thanks for ur feedback, heres the changes uve ask #40 a letterform of GC, u can also use it as an icon if u plan to have an application.

    • That's what we were considering also. Thanks for the changes. We'll continue to discuss it.

  • About #29: We are thrown off on your design because of the color scheme. Could you change your color scheme to the blue and black color scheme so we can see if we like your design?
  • This is very creative! I like the font and color, the heart blended is very cool. Could you try/imagine some kind of halo on the G, or over the entire word. Just a thought.
  • We like where you are going with this logo. However, the image looks more like an S rather than a G. Can you play with that image a little?