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Winning design #176 by Dayadrana, Logo Design for GK Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dayadrana

Project description

Geometric design that will integrate, wrap, bend..... with the letters GK. 

Colors should be loud with a contrasting background. But with restraint as to how many different colors there are.

There should be movement to it, but not be all over the place. Complexity is appreciated

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  • Very Reebok, 90's sportswear #153
    • About #153, @katakalidisg
      Do you like or what should I fix

  • Geometric design that will integrate, wrap, bend..... with the letters GK. I use strong font and color for GK and make soft for inside circle background. :)

  • Geometric design that will integrate, wrap, bend..... with the letters GK. with colour and font strong for GK and background soft.

  • Hi, please rate and review as you feel. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks #166
  • Very Interesting designs, but they are all hard to read. Maybe if I was more established #136
  • Better letters, but the geometric design needs to be more contained and still have a sense of movement #144
  • I appreciate the edit but the design now is too simplistic #154
  • Thanks for the edit, the geometric design is taking up to much space and its harder to read the letters. Create some negative space to give the design movement #143
  • Sorry I meant for the the geometric design in the background to have some more negative space, The GK design is good the specific colors can be changed anyway.

    But I'd also like to see the star design with the geometric background as well #140
  • Nice Design, I'm also looking for another geometric design to go behind the letters kinda of like this https://dcwdesign.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/kapitza_geometric_pattern_spread_four3.jpg #113
  • The idea is right but its a little wonky and hard to read #116
  • Interesting Design, a little hard to read but the colors scheme is nice #121
  • Nice design, I'm also looking for a geometric design behind the letters to give it contrast https://dcwdesign.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/kapitza_geometric_pattern_spread_four3.jpg #120
  • Retro Sports label, all cool designs just not what I'm looking for #102
  • Almost there, try to scale back on the color background and let some negative space give it shape, the design itself looks great #111
  • Again Creative design, its a little out there in that the design is so much bigger, that the letters get lost in the design and it becomes hard to ready. Everyone who has looked at it reads sideways omega #107
  • A black and white version with rounded corners. #112
  • A hot version of #103 #107
  • Creative but I'm not a fan of the arrowhead design and I'm looking for a little more complexity #96
    • About #96, @katakalidisg I am working on something more complex.

  • Creative just a little hard to read, but I'm looking for some more complexity from the ring similiar to this https://dcwdesign.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/kapitza_geometric_pattern_spread_four3.jpg #98