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I was struggling for 4 months and went thru 4 designers only to get more and more discouraged. One day I was sharing my intense discouragement with a friend and he mentioned you site. I consider that the best advice I have received in a long time. I was amazed at the amount of choices I had, and almost all of them better than anything I was getting exposed to around here. Incredibly great experience I would recommend to anyone looking for logo design. Great job!!!

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Winning design #124 by FullHeads, Logo Design for GloryBound Christian Ministries Contest
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designed by FullHeads

Project description

I have recently started a ministry called GloryBound Christian Ministry. This ministry reaches out to the terminally ill segment of the population. I am desperately in need of a logo for letterheads, business cards, brochures, shirts, etc... While I am open to any idea, there are a couple things I would love to have implemented into the logo - a cross and the gates of heaven, as well as the name of the ministry.

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  • I just submitted #11, I hope you enjoy the design! Thanks for your time! Michael
  • please check out #6! best regards! thanks for your time and possible rating. (:
  • HI CH! just submitted proposal #4. hope u enjoy! feedback and rating greatly appreciated! thanks 4 ur time and opportunity, have a nice day. (:
  • About #1 and #2 Gateway to heaven as well as cross element... I will make any changes you request.. I look forward to hearing your thoughts... Thanks - Marvel
  • Hi Dynodino, I have made the requested changes to design #42 in #53. I gave you a few possible options for text colors, feel free to give me more feedback about my entry. Thanks, MB
  • Hi CH...thanks for the great feedback. I am happy to know you like #38. I did all the changes you mentioned and also made two different placement/arrangement for 'Christian Ministries'. Would look forward to your feedback for #50 #51 #52 #58 #59 #60...thanks!
  • I love this one. A couple things I would like to see is using a curser style writing on "Christian Ministries" as well as making the burgundy background an oval shape instead of a square. You are real close to what I am looking for!!!! Also, maybe give me a couple choices on different colors in the lettering. GREAT JOB!!!
  • Also, GloryBound is one word so please take the space out between the y and B. Could you make the Christian Ministries a little more prominent than what you have it now. Thanks.
  • I love your logo. A couple of things I would like to see with this is making the "Christian Ministries" with a curser style lettering. Also, could you give me an example of what it would look like in a blue as well as burgundy. One more thing would be having the background be oval shaped instead of square/rectangular. Thanks and I look forward to seeing the modified examples!!!
  • I love both the blue and the maroon. Thus far you are the favorite for me. I do have the most say but it still has to go through the board of directors. One of these individuals looked at all the logos and picked yours also, but asked if you could possible make the logo an oval shape instead of a square.
  • Hi dynodino, I have made a few of the changes you requested to #3, my updated designs are #41 & #42. Feel free to continue giving me feedback Thank You, MB
  • HI CH, I made the color changes you asked on #37 and #36. I am so happy you liked the design. I'd be more than happy to make any other changes you would like to see. Just let me know. Thanks so much for taking a look at them! Sara
  • Hi CH, my entry #31 is steering away a bit from the pearly gates. I was going for something soft, gentle and comforting rather than all powerful which might be a little intimidating and scary. I know you are ministring to terminally ill people and I was just thinking what I would like to see in that position. Kind regards, Liz : )
  • I also have to add I love the way the cross radiates!!!
  • I love what you have so far with this logo. I was wondering if I could get an idea of what it would look like with a burgundy background and also a blue background.. I love what I see so far with this one.
  • I was looking at some of your other works and noticed the blue I would be interested in seeing on the logo. It is the blue you used in your Smith Capital logo. Could you give that a try. Thanks.
  • Hi dynodino44, Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I'm glad you like my initial design. I will get to it and make the requested changes. Amended design will be uploaded later today. Thanks again, Chris (Woollins)
  • I love what you have got done so far. It is between your logo and one other. A couple things I would like to consider with your initial idea is having the gates opened a little and somehow making the cross more prominent (larger). Also, maybe you could give me an idea of what it would look like with a blue background to compare with the red.
  • I like what I see with your initial logo. I was wondering if you could try replacing the yellow sky with a blue sky and making the cross look more the color of wood. Great job!!!
  • Hi please check out #28. Give your feedback Thanks Vipish TP