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Winning design #111 by Dnavenue, Logo Design for Glowsticks Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dnavenue

Project description

we're looking for a brand name (something the refers to glowsticks, maybe "GLOWSTIX" or something?) and a logo design for glowsticks (the ones you 'break' so they start to glow and you can make a bracelet from). It will be used in cardboard tubes (aprox. 21cm long, 3 cm diameter) and plastic foil bags (21cm long, 0 cm width) .

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  • Thanks Savina, we'd like to pick yours as the winner. Could you also make an example on a black foil package and a round tube (10cm on 20cm, as described in briefing?) Thanks! #108
    • Thank @katrien_vanderlinden I am very glad you want my design. I will make the examples you want, but the contest has expired and I can't upload more entries.
      After you choose a winner you will have a week to work with the designer of the winning design on minor changes and adjustments. Or you can extend the contest so that I can be able to upload them.

  • Hi there. im going for a vibey look because i believe glowsticks are a fun thing...i will be uploading more. please take a look. i hope you like them. #81
  • feedback #79
  • how? #77
  • Hello Sir Check my work I try To make a glow stick shape ... #76
  • Hope This is what are you looking for ;) #72
  • About #22, @SantikaArt Ok, i'll make it yelow and it's posible to display on a black background :)
  • feedback please #62
  • feedback please #61
  • feedback please #60
  • feedback please #59
  • feedback please #57
  • feedback please #56
  • feedback please #55
  • feedback please #54
  • raa
    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #49
  • Hello! Check, please design. If something needs to change, write to me. Thank you! #44
  • Hi Savina, thanks for your design. Could you make the name in capitals and bold? and one time in white and once in yellow? thanks! #27
    • @katrien_vanderlinden Thanks for the rating and feedback. I am glad you like my designs. Here are the changes - #40, #41, #42

  • Hello there CH @katrien_vanderlinden. Hope you are having a great day. The logo is desinged to look professional and will suit the company well. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the logo made. Ready to do any revisions if required.

    3B DESIGNS #37
  • and is it possible to display this on a black background? thanks! #22