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Winning design #117 by relz2011, Logo Design for gmsvision Contest
Gold Medal

designed by relz2011

Project description

The Team of gmsvision creates photorealistic 3D visualizations in form of animations and stills at the highest level. The core competence of our team lies in architecture, interior design, product design, film, photography and postproduction. actual site: A new site will be online in 4 weeks and we will use this theme: The colour on the new theme will probably be changed.

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  • rly good...pretty close...dont quite like the font though...and logo pls not in a square...
    • Hi CH, Thank you so much for your feedback..Okey I will do it and I will submit my revisions later..Thanks again

  • rly nice...almost sayin its about it! its so good that the logo can stand alone. great intrepretation of what we are lookin for. we like the font ure using...maybe u can play a little with the logo and the font...but its rly close to what we think might be perfekt;)
    • Dear CH Thank you for nice feedback, please check my newest entrys #60 #61 #62, I made "GMS" initials a bit thinner, and letters more visible... Kind Regards Seegor

  • the one with colours is pretty nice...pretty strong feeling overall and like how simple it is...just that the ring is not enough identification for our business..
  • nice idea...but the logo that combines the "gms" is nice, but not quite what we re lookin for...
  • rly like the "gms". the overall combination looks littel too artistik. logo needs to be able to stand alone in a short version as well as full typed with gmsvision
  • nice and simple...maybe a little too simple. combining the gms inside the square to simbol that could stand alone would be nice and make the logo stronger.
  • Your entry had to be removed because it was found to be too similar to an already existing entry. No infraction given; just a warning.
  • Hello CH, Let me know what you think of my design #5, Sorry for the Typo in Vision(s)
  • Hello CH, just was curios to see what are your thoughts on #4. Thank you.
  • For entry #3, I viewed the website and the theme, but couldn't get a sense of the colors you were looking for. (The theme site looked fashion related with coral and grays.) Let me know if I should change my colors! Thanks!
  • Hey guys, thx alot for the great work so far! Just one thing...its pretty obvious everyone is copying seegor'S first try. Also a rly nice one by relz2011! these two are perfectly fine and we rly would like to see sth completely different... thx alot
  • nice job, almost perfect! pls with a nice matching type font "gmsvision" next to the logo...not a square font, round and simple just like the "gm"....thx alot
  • rly good, clean and strong...would like to see with different font and slightly different style...thx
    • good evening CH... Thank you for the positive feedback about my entry.. i uploaded the latest revised design.. Feel free to ask for revisions.. Thank You..

  • good one!!! no shadow pls...and how about puttin the whole logo into a frame, square or circle?
    • Check all the requested revision of the entry #90 to entries #92 #93 #94.

  • not possible to make the "s" same as in ur first try, just with the bottom of the "s" in ur second one?
  • little bit about making the style of the "s" at the top as round as the "g" and "m"...not as square as it is...very nice overall
    • thank you for that good suggestion but unfortunately i cannot exactly do that because other designers have already grab that idea and it is against dc rule.

  • awesome! kinda like that the "s" is apart from the "gm", rly would like to see a version with a better integration of the "s letter". leave it same position, mayeb try to combine with the m...rlllly nice...thx
  • Your entry found to be copy of high rated design concept - creating 3 letters incorporated as 1; entry:
  • GJR
    your entry is too similar to another designers work in this contest: source: