Gmünder Gartenwelten

I had a really good experience with It was pretty easy to start a contest, work on that page and then decide for the wining logo. Just a wonderful page for people who found a start-up, need a new design, logo or anything else.thanks a lot for making it a comfortable process.

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Winning design #95 by Matthias, Logo Design for Gmünder Gartenwelten Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Matthias

Project description

This Company will be a gardening company whose CEO is a 25 year old guy. He's just finished all his gardening-shools and wants to come up as an entrepreneur. Helping people out in gardening-work, mowing the lawn,cutting plants, to plant new plants&flowers, cutting the hedge and whatever a young and motivated gardener does:-) As the company car is gonna be a brown pick-up VW amarok (just like the ground of a yard/garden) we would love to have a logo that contains a lot of green color (just like the grass). It should be modern and easy to recognize. Thanks a lot for ur help and some nice and awesome logos! Feel free to do whatever u want.

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  • Hi I just uploaded a design, #13. (hope to be a lucky number this time). Feedback is welcome. Andrei
    • Hey Andrei thanks a lot for that awesome logo. we really like it. is there any chance that u could add some more specials (just like the leaf in thre R)?

    • Hi Thanks for the rating and feedback. Sure I can throw in one or more specials, i wouldnt add more because then it will look too crowded, i think simpler is better. You want added just in the text, or can i play with the grass top part? Thanks Andrei

    • Ohhh yeah, u are totally right by saying that it shouldn't get to crowded! No the text is fine, might play with the grass and the colors.thanks in advance

    • Hi I added an element - dandelion - to the grass, and also reduced the colors from 3 to just 2, so it is more cost effective now. Waiting for your comment on #34. Thanks Andrei

    • Hey We actually like the previous version much better. we think that the dandelion is too much. sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Hi I made another attempt, see #55. Thanks for rating and feedback, Andrei

    • Hey Andrei We had to extend the contest for another week. ur #13 is still one of our favorites. Could u please send us the logo again on a white background? As well as more intense colors and could u also play with the typeface (more characterful)? would be amazing, thanks a lot

    • Hi I do know why my email doesnt report your feedback, i just seen that. Sure i will work on some font / colour versions... and white background. Check back later. Andrei

    • Thank you very much for rating on #63. Any further request. Should i keep the color and try other fonts? Some feedback would be very helpful so you i can give you my best. Andrei

  • hey dologo we totally like what u have done. is there any way that u could corret the way of spelling??and might add some more details to the logo? we really like the circle with the 2 "G's"
    • Thanks! Sorry about the spelling (I read german for six years so I have no excuses :-). But now it's corrected and I added a leaf at the end to clarify your natural business. #19

    • Dear CH! I have submitted my first entry as #24. Please take it in your consideration and give your feedback for updates or suggestion to design others. Thanks and Regards

    • Hey KStudio Thanks a lot for ur input and design. We really like it but as it is a "male-company" we do think that the logo is a little to girly...If u might could play with the colors as well as the typeface. That would be awesome!!

    • |--|

      schmidheinidani {*wrote*}:
      Hey KStudio Thanks a lot for ur input and design. We really like it but as it is a "male-company" we do think that the logo is a little to girly...If u might could play with the colors as well as the typeface. That would be awesome!!
      |--| Thanks for your consideration and suggestion. I change the type face for Masculine but can you give your feedback for symbol. Regards

    • Hello CH! I have worked on your suggestion and revise my entry #24 for "Masculine Effects". So I have used the Masculine font face, flower and plant. Finally please look at my submission #37 and please give your comments, reviews and suggestion to make it much better. Ragards

  • Dear Designers, We are totally surprised with all the work you've done so fare. it's incredible what kind of different logos we got! we really like every single work! As we actually would like to set the focus on the design (and not the brand-name "Gmünder Gartenwelten") we would love to receive some more logos that bring the "LOGO" into the middle of attraction (instead of the name). we're looking forward to get some new inputs and really appreciate ur work! thanks a lot
  • Hey Matthias Wir finden dein Logo super und eines der Besten. Wäre es möglich, wenn du die Pflanze noch ein wenig abänderst (oder verbesserst) und evtl. noch mit den Farben bei "Gartenwelten" was machen könntest (geht irgendwie ein wenig unter). Wir wären dir sehr dankbar.
    • Hi CH Thanks a lot for your comment. I modified it a bit. What do you think about it? #83

    • hey #83 is amazing. could u use a more "characterful" typeface? Is there any chance to make a leveling ("Verlauf") into the leaves to make it more organically? thank a lot!

    • Thank you! I changed the font. I didn't put a gradient on the leafs but I changed it to a outline style. How do you like that? If you have more wishes let me know. But I just can submit two more designs. #95

  • Hi Schmidheinidani! I just reworked my design and put the icon/symbol more in focus #44. I also made a version without the "rough" #45. KR dologo
  • Hi I uploaded three more designs, #63, #64 and #65. They use different greens and fonts... One thing i would like to mention, is that i can use that beautiful neon green you chosed in the brief (i did so in #66), but that is a RGB color which will not print in your printed logo aplications which are CMYK, they only will show in online. That is because RGB has a wider gamut than CMYK, some RGB colors can be achieved by special pantone inks but other cannot. I thought about mentioning that just to be sure about things. Any winning designer will have to provide CMYK, RGB and Black version of the logo as stated in rules. More about color spaces here: Thanks and looking forward for further great feedback ... Regards Andrei
  • Hi I reconstructed my best rated design as a stamp like logo, please see #75. Thanks. Further improvements or ideas you would like to see? Andrei
  • Hi there I made three new attempts based on the my best rated design, with different fonts, see #96, #97 and #98. I am confused now about you wanting these on white or brown background? Please have a look and provide some thoughts.Regards Andrei
  • Hi Thanks for the rating on #75. Any other wishes / versions? I really want to do it the way you want/need. Andrei