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Winning design #359 by mfgraph, Logo Design for Gnad Cafe Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mfgraph

Project description

A specialty coffee shop named "Gnad" which means Confection in Arabic, which means the additions to Coffee; we are the value addition to coffee. Trying to show the real taste and value of coffee.

Gnad in Arabic is قناد

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  • This design can be your consideration, thanks #449
  • please checked it,thanks #448
  • please checked it,thanks #447
  • you love it sir,please checked my design,thanks #446
  • the logo looks like a cup of coffee #440
  • my first suggestion #436
  • hi #433
  • #424 #425 hope you like it #425
  • hope fully you like entry #420 #421 #422
  • And here is a simulation of a facade with logo. Kind Regards! #414
  • Gnad Cafe : gold and luxury brand . #413
  • The coffee beans from right are equally a sensual lips that will touch your senses with their flavor. Kind Regards! #412
  • HELLO vetplusuae,
    MY DESIGN IS ORIGINAL and very professional. The G is a coffee bean and the extension of the letter G forms a cup of coffee. I think that is the representation well elaborated and easy to promote on any promotional support (glass, plastic, print etc). I hope you like it . Feedback is welcome. Best Regards! #411
  • @vetplusuae #404
  • @vetplusuae #402
  • GNAD Cafe Entry 1, your feedback would be very appreciated :) #398
  • gnad #370
  • unique logo with strong taste #354
  • make initial GC, the letter G for the cup and the C for the handle of the cup, i hope you like this #350
  • sad #339